How to Vote on the New Electronic Ballot Machines

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hello this is Andrew do douche with 980

W ity and I'm at the Vermillion County

Courthouse right now with Lindsay light

we're going to be discussing some of the

new voting machines that we'll have out

during election day we have introduced

touchscreens into the polling places

last election we have 29 polling places

there will be one in every polling place

with the exception of Hope Stone and

West will they will have to what does

somebody have to do if they're wanting

to use one of these machines when they

go out for election day they just have

to ask the judges if the judges should

ask them if they want to do a paper or

an electronic ballot some judges like I

said are a little bit resistant to it

still so we're kind of trying to open

that door they will just need to ask for

the electronic or the touchscreen ballot