Elections Explained: How to vote early?

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in Minnesota you don't have to wait

until November 6 to vote state law

actually allows you to start casting

your ballots on September 21st that's 46

days before the general election and you

can vote early up until the day before

the election you have two options to

vote early in person or by mail head to

your local elections office to vote in

person early voting centers must be open

during their normal business hours and

some might stay open even later some

counties may have more than one location

so check with the Secretary of State's

office for locations or call your local

jurisdiction to find out more it's a

little more complicated to vote by mail

and it requires you to think ahead

because you'd have to get a ballot

mailed to you you can apply for a ballot

on the Secretary of State's website you

can also email fax or mail an

application to your County's election

office once you receive your ballot be

sure to read the instructions carefully

this process requires a witness that

person must be another registered voter

or notary of the public the witness must

sign a signature envelope provided to

you and list their address notaries must

include their name title and their

official notary stamp if this is not

done correctly the Secretary of State's

office will contact you to have you

submit your ballot again if your ballot

is received after Election Day

it won't be counted what if you change

your mind about a candidate after you

submitted your ballot in Minnesota you

can actually cancel your early ballot to

do that

contact the local election office that

sent you your ballot after they cancel


you can resubmit a new ballot early

either by mail or in-person at an early

voting center but there is a deadline

you can only change your early vote up

until the week before Election Day you

can also head out and cast your ballot

again in person on Election Day well the

mail gets lost sometimes so how do you

know if your ballot actually made it the

Minnesota Secretary of State allows you

to track your ballot online just go to

their website to make sure it was

counted do you have any more questions

about early voting let us know