How to vote absentee, early voting, or on election day

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joining us today this is the second of


partisan voter information webinars

for ut health um

these were brought together by a group


deputy voter registrars who we sort of

found ourselves on

found each other on campus and put


kind of an ad hoc group i'm sheri green

i'm the communications manager

with the sizzix school of nursing and i

want to thank our other vdrs who

have been helping with this project um

lisa mccord

the editor with the public affairs is

hosting our

our call today so that i can help with

the presentation

nikki canderia who is a fourth year

medical school student

and dr uh ariel lyons warren of

uh baylor college of medicine hosted our


webinar on september 9th

about how to register to vote we had

some technical difficulties so we

weren't able to use the recording of

that but we do

have uh the the presentation slides

available and i believe that lisa

is sharing those in the chat and then

our our next presentation after this one

will be on october 6th

and that's with dr rebecca wells

and graduate assistant sarah claussen of

the school of public health

they're going to host representative of


representatives of the league of women

voters to talk about

how you know options how you can

research candidates

and issues and and make your informed

voting decisions

for the election coming up i also want

to thank victor ibarra who's a safety


with ut health who has done an awesome

job of

going around and placing

little boxes with uh voter registration

applications in high traffic areas

around campus thank you thanks a lot for

that victor

so today we're going to talk about how

to vote and

you know that might seem like a basic


especially for those of us that have

been voting for years

but the pandemic has like everything

else has thrown

uh you know some changes and some monkey

wrenches into the voting process

and there are a number of things that

are going to be different this year

there's kind of

it's kind of fluid because there are

court cases

pending about various voting related


so pretty quickly decided we needed some

experts on this call

and harris county has been at the


of some of these issues that are being

litigated in

in trying to make voting as accessible

as possible

so we have with us today from the harris

county clerk's office

tico reynolds houseman pamela dora


and uh douglas ray and i'm going to turn

it over to them they're going to

give us a lot of terrific in-depth

information and then i'll follow up at

the end with a little bit of information

about how things are different in our

other surrounding counties

and with that oh first of all

i think tuesday was national voter

registration day i

initially thought it was today and i've

seen both dates but

the important thing is that the deadline

to register to vote is october 5th

and with that i will turn it over to

tico great good morning everyone thank

you for having us

greetings from the county clerk's office

um i am tico reynolds houseman and i'm

an outreach coordinator

next slide please next

next next

so briefly uh just to let you all guys

know uh the objective of the harris

county clerk's voters outreach office is

to brought to

provide voters with information and

materials to help assess the voting


with the emphasis on groups covered by

the language provisions of the 1975

voting rights act

the harris county clerk is the chief

election officer of the third

largest political jurisdiction in the


as chief election official of the county

the county clerk

is charged with establishing the

county-wide infrastructure for

elections ordered by the state or county

governing authorities

the county clerk administers elections

with the support

and participation of the harris county

commissioner's court

the tax assessor collector the major

political parties

and the citizens in the counties in

accordance to the federal voting



the objectives for this 2020 election


are to promote disseminate and support

key aspects of the electoral process

which are related to voting access

including encouraging

citizens to update voter information

promote important dates on the election

calendar such as voter registration

deadline voting by mail

early voting period and election day

next slide

key dates to remember for this election

um as sherry noted the last day to

register to vote

is october the 5th the last day to apply

for ballot by mail

is october the 23rd early voting period


october 13th and it runs through october


and election day is november 3rd next


okay if i can uh pause for more moment

it looks like uh county clerk

chris hollins was able to pop on the

call can we go ahead and give him

a moment to uh give his greetings

sure i'll stop sharing my screen so that

we can see him full screen

great thank you

well hello everyone and good morning can

you all hear me

right i don't want to interrupt all the

great information that that tico

was just sharing uh i just wanted to

greet you all and say hello

uh you know our democracy functions

as a result of all of us being engaged

and especially during election season

uh democracy is fuller

when each of us gets to the polls

uh expresses our voice

and has our votes counted and so your

harris county clerk's office

is 100 committed to the mission of

ensuring that you can cast your vote and

can do so safely

uh and conveniently with the peace of

mind that your vote is going to be


uh we're doing so much more to increase

access to the polls here in 2020

especially in light of cobit 19. we're

doing everything that we can to keep

those bulls safe

from pve to plexiglass to sanitization

to social distancing we

are we want to make sure that regardless

of how you choose to vote

that you can do so safely uh now we know

that voting by mail is the safest

and most convenient way to go and so if

you're eligible to vote by mail we

strongly encourage you

to go to vote by mail to


so that you can vote from the safety and

convenience of your home

and not only does that make that safe

for you and more convenient for you

but it makes it safer and convenient for

every other harris county voter

because that's one less person in line

in front of them uh one less person who

they could be exposed to

over time of this deadly virus uh to

remind you of those who are eligible to

vote by man

if you're 65 years of age if you're

traveling outside of the county

during the election period uh if you

happen to be in jail but you're

otherwise eligible to vote

or if you have a disability uh and here

in texas uh

according to texas law and the united

and the texas supreme court

you have a disability if you are sick

if you're pregnant or voting in person

creates a likelihood of injury to your


because of a physical condition you can


lack of immunity to clover19 in your

health decision

uh it cannot be the only factor so you

have to have an accompanying condition

but you know as you all know as health


and according to information from the

cdc there are so many

physical conditions that so many texans

and ayres county residents have

uh heart conditions uh breathing

conditions things like diabetes


obesity and you can take those into

account but ultimately it's not

my decision uh it's not the governor's

decision it's not the attorney general's


if you're eligible to vote by mail it's

your decision

as the voter so i encourage you to

to go to vote by mail

to learn more to decide for yourself if

you're eligible

and if you are eligible to to apply um

if you vote in person again we're doing

everything that we can to make it safe

and convenient

more places to vote over 120 early

voting centers

and over 800 election day voting centers

we only had 40 early voting centers in

2016. so in a four year period we

tripled that amount

and that's to make voting more

convenient and more accessible to you

we're going to have more days than ever

18 early voting days

uh longer hours than ever during the

last week of early voting

uh all of our 100 sites will stay open

until 10 p.m

on tuesday wednesday and thursday and on

thursday evening

there will be seven locations across

harris county that will stay open for 24


and that's uh so that all residents of

harris county all ready to vote

whether you're a first responder uh

whether you're

a shift worker whether you're working in

the texas medical center to save lives

during this critical time

whether you're stocking shelves at the

grocery stores that would be so much

whether you're working in the port of

houston or for any other

you can vote on this one day for 24

hours at a time

that's convenient for you we're also

offering drive-through voting for the

first time in texas history

any registered voter at ten locations

across harris county

to cash their votes of their vehicle

and so you know i think as you can see

we're doing everything that we can

to keep you safe but you know very


to make sure that you can cast your

order in a way that's convenient for you

and then we count that vote and so thank

you all for your engagement thank you

all for everything that you're doing

uh our democracy requires all of us to

be involved so i appreciate

everything that you're doing and we're

working hard to protect you

thank you

thank you so much mr collins it's a it's

great to have you on our

presentation today and i appreciate you

taking the time to join us

it's my pleasure

tico should we go back to the

presentation now

okay please thank you

okay can you see the presentation i can

see it so we'll go ahead we'll pause


and i will turn it over take a look to

see what i heard

uh to pamela to give you guys an update


a quick overview of voter registration

good morning good morning i won't spend

a lot of time

on a lot of the voter registration


but definitely we are going to continue

to say monday october the 5th is the


to make sure that everyone is registered

to vote someone mentioned just earlier


national voter registration day which

was on the 22nd

and of course um the storm has

made people do different arrangements so

there's a lot of

activities that are going on today and


in lieu of the actual day and um we're

partnering with the league of women


that we're going to have tons and tons

of volunteer deputies that are going to

be assisting

at 22 locations um across the city

and of course we have a list of

businesses that we're actually going to


volunteer deputies out and about there

as well

and um currently we have over 2.4


people who are already registered but we

want to make sure that we

reach the masses to get everyone

registered to vote

um i am excited to introduce really

quickly you are going to be the very

first group because the press release

just came out

today this morning as a matter of fact

so there's a new way that um

we're putting out there to register to

vote and what you can do

is text hashtag mr paris

and that again that's hashtag register

harris to


to register to vote again i can repeat

that again

you will text register harris

to 832-957-1957

so that is uh one of our things that we

are launching today

so what you would still have to do is

once you go on there you're able to fill

out all of the information

and you're able to uh print and still

mail the application into

us to our office and all of that

information is

there um we're also putting up

billboards across the city in the county

that is also

a reminder about the uh the cut-off date

as well

and um we are very very busy we have

um all of our vdvrs and we're so

thankful for that we have

the largest number ever and they're out

there and they're registering voters as


so i think that's all that i have and

i'm going to turn it back over to

ms tico thank you and just just quickly

uh just a quick note

uh county clerk is chris hollins um i

think you said collins no problem but i

did want to make sure that everyone knew

that it was hollins with an h so um

sorry no worries no worries um so

quickly what

what will be on the ballot for november

3rd thanks

if you don't mind really quickly we have

a voter registration question from the


if you are in the process of moving to

texas from another state

how should you go about voting i

first you would have to register um

yes so

this is moving to texas from from

another state

uh it should i mean they should just go

to their oh from california

yes so the registration would be the

same of course that person would be

new to harris county and they would

actually fill out the voter registration


okay so they just they should visit the

same information

on voter registration okay thank you yes

okay next

so just briefly just to give you an idea

of what will be on the ballot

for november third of course we have a

presidential election

but we have um statewide elections

as well as our local elections

there are some

extra items on the ballot due to

the postponement of some of the runoffs

and so you will find those

on this ballot as well next

next next

voting by mail so i won't go into too

many details

um we once mr ray gets

through we can go through that but i

want to turn it over because there are a

lot of questions and concerns

uh about vote by mail and so um mr

douglas ray if you could just give us an

overview and an update

that would be great sure um

you probably have heard that there's a

lot of controversy about voting by mail

the president has continuously question

the validity of voting by mail

i can assure you that you know i've been

doing this for 13 years representing the

i'm actually with the county attorney's

office now with the county clerk's

office but i do represent the county

clerk's office and i've been

representing him in election matters for

13 years

and we've never had any problems with

voting by mail

it's been a fairly mundane part of the


about nine ten percent of the people

vote by mail ordinarily

we're expecting that to expand somewhat

in this election

and there's been a lot of lawsuits over


one of the things that the clerk's

office decided to do this year was to

send an application for ballot by mail


all registered voters the way our system

works is that

if you want to vote by mail you have to

fill out an application form

and then send it in and establish in

that application that you're eligible to

vote by mail

and i think claire collins went over

these eligibility points a while ago but

you have to be 65 or over you have to be

disabled under the law

be out of the county during the election

period or

be incarcerated but otherwise eligible

to vote

a lot of the controversy has been over

what exactly does it mean to be disabled

there was lawsuits filed different

rulings going back and forth and what

the texas supreme court

ultimately ruled was that it's up to the

voter to determine

whether or not they fit the definition

of disabled under texas law

that definition is that you either are

have a sickness

or a physical condition which would lead

to you

needing assistance or may likely injure


by appearing to vote in person so

that's kind of a broad definition of of

what it is and

the initial contention was if you're not


then you have a physical condition that

you might injure yourself by going into

a place where it could be exposed

supreme court has said very clearly that

that one factor all by itself is not


to establish a disability but it could

be considered

in analyzing your overall health if you


other underlying conditions such as

heart disease

asthma cancer diabetes

you could determine that you fit that

definition and the determination

according to the court is up to the

individual voter

so it's up to you to decide whether or

not your health situation is such

that you might sustain an injury if you

go to vote in person

once that determination is made you fill

out an application form you check that

you qualify

as a person who is disabled and you send

it in

the determination by the voter requires

no further proof

no further evidence no further

explanation just the check mark in the

box is enough

the clerk's office is without any legal

power or ability

even to question that determination

so if you've sent the ballot in and it

shows you're eligible under that basis


you will get a mailing ballot when you

do an application for mail and ballot

basically what happens is you have to

sign that application

when you get your pallet you will review

who you want to vote for

check all the boxes of who you want to

vote for send that ballot back and that

also requires that you sign it

the early voting ballot board which is

appointed to make determinations about

eligibility of voters

will look at the two signatures side by


and those signatures if they match will

result in them recommending that you go

ahead and count the vote

if they do not match then it is possible

that they'll determine

that that is not a a proper boat and

reject it

the very few ballots by mail are

rejected on this basis

you may have heard at some point that

there's a lot of ballot by mail that get

rejected those are typically rejected


they have some defect that the

folks were not able to cure before

election day but most of the ballots are

disallowed they're disallowed because

they don't get to the

clerk's office on time they have to get

there by the close of business the day

after election day

they have to be postmarked by election

day so if you send it

you send it too late um and even if it

shows up

at the clerk's office it won't be


and in july for example about 2 000

ballots showed up too late

so the next question people have


has to do with well how

will i be sure that my ballot by mail

will actually reach

an effort has been underway it's

actually being currently challenged in

the courts to tell you the truth

uh clerk collins asked the governor to

extend the period of time during which

we do early voting

so instead of starting on the 19th of

october which the law

ordinarily provides the governor is

determined because of the emergency

due to the pandemic the early voting

will start on

the 13th of october and he did one other


texas law provides that you can deliver

your ballot by mail one of three ways

that you can mail it you can use what's

known as a common carrier

which is a business that engages in

delivering packages for pay

like fedex or ups or you can deliver it

in person

but the law the way it's written says

you can only do that

on election day you have to deliver to

the clerk's office

on election day and you can

present an identification and vote by

mail that way

the governor i think quite wisely said

that that procedure of delivering it in

person can be extended to any period of


not just on election day so the ballots

by mail have actually already started to


sent out to people have sent their

applications in

they have them in their possession they

could start bringing it to the clerk's


now they don't have to wait till

election day

and what is very important is that

we have decided that the office of the

clerk is not just one place

it could be any branch office of the

clerk's office

so there are 11 branch offices of the

clerk's office

and also um energy arena has been set up

as the main

uh operational center for the election

and uh

central count will be conducted there

that that also is a location where you


drop off your ballot by map so the

procedure would be

if you want to drop off

your ballot by mail

rather than mail it

and i'm afraid my screen is frozen so i

don't know if you guys can hear me or


we can still hear you just fine mr ray

i'm gonna wait until it unfreezes

okay i i don't know if you can hear me

talking there

but uh my screen was true anyways

so if you want to drop off in person you

can personally take your ballot

to any one of these 11 locations we'll

be prepared for this

or you can take it to energy arena

which is the arena that's right next to

the astrodome down at energy park

and you can drop it off in person the

two caveats there

first of all you have to deliver in

person you can't give it to somebody


for them to deliver the second thing is

at the point of delivery you have to

show an identification

but it will be a quick process you show

up with your carrier envelope

your identification say here's my id

they'll have you sign a list

and then you can deliver the envelope

and leave uh

it's it's a lot shorter than standing

the line checking in going to the ballot


voting your choices there at the ballot

box and leaving after that

so uh you'll have that as an option drop

off in person

uh at those 11 locations those 11

locations are on the


and they're spread around town they go

from baytown to

chimney rock to the northwest side

there's there's like i said 11 places

plus energy arena where you can do that

so that's how the ballot by mail system


if if you want to vote by mail you can


let me back up a second i mentioned

earlier that the clerk

had decided to send out an application

to all registered voters

well the attorney general's office

objected to that they said that that

would lead people who were not eligible

to vote

to commit fraud by sending in a ballot

application when they weren't eligible

to do so

we are disputing that next next

wednesday the texas supreme court is

supposed to hear

our case to decide whether we are

entitled to send an application not a


but just an application all registered

voters they did not object to us sending

the application

to everybody who was 65 and over so

we've already sent those out a lot of

people 65 and over i have gotten them


to be quite frank any organization or


can actually send out applications for

ballot by mail to anybody they want to

so and you can also obtain one by going

on the website

under about by mail voting by mail

there's a link

to download and print the form for the

application for valve by mail

or you can call the clerk's office and

ask them to send you one

the only the only thing you have to do

is you have to be able to

deliver that back to them and they have

to receive it

by mark by october the 23rd

if it's received by october 23rd they'll

send you a ballot by mail

don't wait that late um if you're going

to vote by mail

because they would have to mail you the

ballot and you'd have to mail it back

or bring it back within just that short

period of time between

october 23rd and uh november 3rd

or actually november 4. so

i know this guy sounds complicated

they're in fact the locations the

11 or 11 locations that i was just

describing and that doesn't

actually include energy park so there's

12 locations

you can go to and you can drop off your

ballot by mail

remember you have to bring yourself you

have to present identification

at any one of those 12 locations if if

you're near energy arena i would go


because they're going to have it set up

so you just have this dedicated drive

through lane you can just drive through

and drop it off you don't even have to

get out of your car

um i'm still hoping that you all can

hear me because i can see that my screen


kind of frozen up again mr ray

uh we can hear you and i can see you

just fine i i have a question

uh that one of my neighbors posed to me

she's over 65

and she said you know she had ordered

her ballot by mail but what if she

decides that she just wants to go to the

polling place and

vote in person what does she do with

that that

that mail-in ballot that she received

okay was that a question i i only heard

the end of that

what what does someone do if they have

requested a ballot by mail and received


received the ballot but they decide that

they want to go and vote in person

at a polling place what do they do with

the ballot by mail

the mail ballot what you do in this

situation if you've gotten your ballot

by mail but instead of

sending it in you want to vote in person

take the ballot by mail that you've

received with you to the polling place

hand it into the election judge and

asked them to cancel that ballot by mail

so that you can be issued a regular

ballot to vote in person

if you've lost the ballot by mail you

don't know where it is but you still

want to vote in person

you can still go to vote in person

however they will show

that you're on the on the poll book that

you have received a ballot by mail

and the option they'll give you then and

insist on this if this is the situation

is they'll say you can vote a

provisional ballot and what they'll do

is they'll take the provisional ballot

they'll send it to the early voting

ballot board they will look

to see if the ballot by mail you were

issued has been

sent in and counted if not

then they will count the provisional


thank you okay

can we go to the next slide

and that's the contact information next

slide please

and so again this is the early voting

schedule and the locations

we have 112 early voting locations

uh and a little over 10 with


again just to note that on thursday

october 29th

seven of our locations will be open for

24 hours and i do believe one of those

is in the medical center next slide

this is a list of the 24 24-hour

locations and this

presentation will be available to you so

as you can see they're spread out

through the county

we have nrg and we also have mcgovern

mcgovern texas medical center commons

that may be close to you guys if for

some reason you're working

on site next slide

okay and this again is just a reminder

that um

during early vote i'm sorry during


day we will actually have 800 polling

locations so

and a reminder that in harris county you

can vote

at any election center you don't have to


in your precinct and if you visit

we do have a wait time feature which you

can punch in just say you're at the

grocery store and you decide you want to

vote you can punch in that location and

it will give you

the 20 nearest polling centers around


it will also let you know how much time


i don't know that it does how much time

but how many people are in line

ahead of you but again do vote early

because while we

have tripled our election day locations

as well

there could potentially be a wait so the

best thing to do is to

vote early next slide nico if i could

interject object right here

absolutely you can go to

and it'll show you a a tab you can punch

on called

sample ballot and what that what that'll

do is

it'll it'll actually show you the ballot

that's specific for you with all the

races that you will see

when you go to the polling place you can

print that ballot

off and you can mark who you want to

vote for

and take that written piece of paper

with you to the polling place and use it

i think it's been mentioned here a

couple of times there will be no

straight ticket voting

so we anticipate that this could

potentially slow down

the pace at which people get into the

poll the

voting booth and out if you have done

this ahead of time

and you already know who it is that you

want to vote for

then this will aid you in getting out in

and out of there quickly

you cannot use an electronic device such

as a phone

to keep notes as to who you want to vote

for you can't use that in the polling

place but you can

take whatever written material that you

want to into the polling place with you

thank you for that um and this is uh

we've got to get the slide if you'd like

to watch the youtube video but this just

shows you how drive-through voting works

uh there's been a lot of questions about

how it works and the exhaust from being

in the drive-through

and those issues are being addressed and


drive-through voting again will be a

safe option for you to cast your vote


and again here's a list of the 10

drive-through voting locations

these are not 24-hour but just drive

through any time

drive through you don't have to be

disabled this is for anyone who does not

feel safe

going into the actual polling location

our two biggest ones

are nrg and toyota center and again

once you arrive the signs will

indicate where you go for the

drive-through voting

but again this is something that's new

to harris county and i believe we are

only the second county and the united

states to

have implemented this so this is

something that we're really proud of is


be able to allow folks to drive through

and cast their votes

next slide

and again curbside voting so curbside

voting is just a reminder but it has

always been available

curbside is reserved for those who are

actually physically cannot walk into the

polling location

um if you'll see the buzzer basically

you pull up to the buzzer

you ring that button a election worker

will come out and they will bring the

machine to you so that you can again

vote from

the safety of your car without having to

get out of your vehicle and again

curbside is for those

uh who are disabled whereas 24 hour

i'm sorry that just the 24 hour and the

drive-thru are for

any citizen next michael if if i could

add that procedure i was describing

where you drop off your mailing ballot

there will be a buzzer like this at all

of the annex

locations so that if you want to if you

feel like you

you can't get out of the car to go

inside the office you'll be able to ring

this buzzer and somebody will come out

to take your ballot

thank you next

uh go ahead next slide and so as you

guys may be aware harris county is

recruiting election workers

um for early voting and on election day

if you're interested in that you can go


backslash election workers uh when you

go through the county this

is paid work so maybe you want to make a

little extra christmas money

uh but the pay is starts at 17 an

hour responsibilities could be voting

machine setting up and breaking down


interpreters we also have

we'll need a lot of tech support um this

year with the

increase in voting machines as well as

the wait time features and some of the


activities that will be available to you

to keep those

current and running next slide

and as clark collins mentioned all poll


or election workers will have face


face masks and gloves if you vote in


the spacing will be clearly indicated to

ensure that everyone stays 6 feet apart

you will be given a finger cover

to add a sanitizing wipe so you can wipe

the machine

and keep your hands clean throughout you

will not come in contact with the

election workers there will be a


you will just show your id through there

so again

voting in person is a safe way to vote

and we have plenty of supplies to

offer you will be offered a mask

unfortunately we cannot make people wear

one but hopefully everyone will be

respectful of each other

there are temperature checks at the door

so again i just want to assure you that

if your decision is to go to a polling


you can expect that it will be safe next

next okay and so i will turn it back

over to sherry

and that is my contact information if

you have any further questions or


please feel free to reach out to our

office please feel free to

reach out to ms pam or douglas

uh if you have any other questions or

concerns and

um thank you and we'll stick around for

additional questions thank you

lisa do we have any questions in the

chat before we move on to talking about

other counties

no we don't currently i would just like

to remind everybody that in

at the beginning of the chat we do have


to the voter registration presentation

from before

and we have a link to the presentation

that you're looking at right now

uh both available from the intranet

thanks thanks lisa

so um i'm going to talk a little bit

about voting in other counties i just

want to

make one personal observation about

voting by mail

based on my own experience i don't live

in harris county

um i had a ballot rejected when i was

then going to be out of town for an


because the signatures didn't match or

they said the signature didn't match

from uh my application and

the the the ballot itself when you are

actually sending in your ballot you have

to sign over the seal of an envelope so

it's kind of an

unnatural situation so what i would


is is when you apply for a mail-in


take a picture of your signature so that

you can make sure

that it matches when you are having to

sign over the seal in the envelope

so other counties tico mentioned that

harris county is is one of the largest

voting jurisdictions

in the nation so clearly our smaller


around the area don't have the resources

that harris county does

for example they spoke about

how you can go to all of these branches

if you want to turn in

a mail-in ballot by hand yourself

in the smaller counties that's not the

case you'll have to go

to the the county clerk's office or the

election division office

in your county seat and and turn that in

if you want to do that

um the current status as i understand it

is you can do that throughout the early

voting period

there is a a challenge that's been posed

to that but

currently that is the situation also

uh tico mentioned that you can vote

in any polling place on election day in

harris county

you can also do that in fort bend county

and several other counties

but not in all counties that's something

that's decided on a county-by-county


and of the seven counties surrounding

here is three of them brazes

montgomery and waller require you

to vote at your precinct location only

if you're voting on election day early

voting you can vote at any

any early voting location in those

counties but on election day

if you if you wait and vote on election

day you have to to vote

you have to know what your precinct is

and have to vote in your precinct

so the next slide here if you know where

your voter registration card is and you


have to present this to vote you can

show your driver's license

you don't have to have your voter

registration card but if you know where

it is

you can look for the precinct number um

this is a sample and that will show you

where your precinct number is

and then you can go to your county

website your county election division


and look for your precinct number and

that will not only show you

you'll get that not only help you find

out the physical location

where to vote on election day but it'll


enable you to access your sample ballot

and if you don't

know where your your card is there is a

link here to the secretary of state's


where you can go and find out what your

voter precinct is and

and also check your voter registration

status and the next

um the next slider just briefly a

screenshot of that

when you go to that link this is what

you'll see and there's a little drop

down menu

that will um you can pick which criteria

you want to use to look yourself up to

to double check your voter status and

figure out what precinct you're in

now i live in fort bend county and i

just noticed today that they have put


sample ballots up i'm sure that you know

all the county websites look different

so yours will probably work and function

different than this but

in mine i go and i i look up the


sample ballots and then i click on my


and i can pull up my ballot which is a

double-sided legal

that this is what my sample ballot for

my precinct looks like

and you know especially in the larger


you may have a friend that lives half a

mile away but they're in a different

precinct maybe they're in a different

county commissioner precinct and they're

going to have some

some of the elections some of the

choices on their ballot are going to be

different than yours

so i've included here and and this will

be in the in the pdf that will share on

the intranet

uh links to the voter

the voter departments of the counties

the surrounding counties

nearby and i'll just remind you

that we will have one additional

voter education webinar coming up on the

sixth that's the one with the league of

women voters that dr wells and sarah

classen are presenting

so that is it for our presentation um

lisa we can we can open it up for voice


and um slide questions and i'll

stop sharing so we can see everybody

yes if anyone has a question you can

unmute yourself and ask it now or you

can put it in chat and i will relay it

maybe we're just that good i hope so i

hope so

well if if you do have any questions um

reach out to any of us that are vdrs on

campus myself

lisa uh dr wells um

nikki victory barra is a huge a huge

help with this

we'll be glad to answer your questions

remember to register vote if you're not

registered to vote by october 5th

and vote and thank you all for joining


and a special thanks to um

to the clerk mr hollins i don't live in

horse county

so that's okay um and and

and and tico and everyone else from the

clerk's office for joining us today

thank you thank you everybody