How to vote on DWTS tutorial

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hey it's Monday need your vote tonight

to keep going thank you so much so far

you can vote tonight 20 times 10 times

tech Shawn up 2 to 1 5 to 3 keep hitting

send just tied Shawn over and over again

it's send until it tells you you've

maxed out of 10 you get another 10 votes

by going to make sure that you

cast your votes while the show is live

on the east coast between 8 and 10 p.m.

if you're in Central Time that's 7 to 9

Mountain 6 to 8 here on the west coast 5

to 7 don't wait for the show to come on

live if you're in the mountain or

Pacific time vote between 8 and 10

Eastern Time those are the only votes

that count so please do that tonight I'm

doing a pasta Doble of dancing 3rd pasta

dough blade translated means very very

hard dance thanks for your support I

look forward to going forward