US Election: Who voted for Donald Trump?

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around 70 million people have voted for

donald trump in 2020.

donald trump's fighting for everybody in

the world that is oppressed

around 8 million more than in 2016.

usa usa those voters watched what he'd

been up to in the white house in the

last four years

and they wanted more been great i wish

we could have four more we often hear

about one

specific type of donald trump supporter

that they live here in the midwest

and they like to carry a gun but the

reality is

this election shows donald trump's base

is far broader than that in fact exit

polls suggest

people were actively voting for donald

trump whereas joe biden voters were more

likely to be voting for the least bad


so let's look behind the stereotypes to

see where donald trump's support

is coming from

suburban women will you please like me

remember please please

a higher percentage of women voted for

donald trump in this election compared

to 2016 in fact more than 55 percent

of white women supported him this time


i have many women suburban women friends

and they were all on board for trump

he's weathered many

scandals that infamous leaked locker

room chat

the stormy daniels affair and he's faced

women's marches around the world

but for some women donald trump is still

the best option

and he wants to get rid of the corrupt

lying people in washington

and women who raise children we teach

our kids not to lie

not to be corrupt not to steal

it wasn't just white women lending

donald trump their vote

across the board more women voted



the latino community also turned out for

donald trump

there's long been an assumption that

minority groups would vote for the

democrats but like

many things in this election those

assumptions those generalizations

were wrong coming from cuba we all know

what communism and socialism looks like

we know fake promises when somebody says

it and

joe biden is basically giving us fake


although a majority of latinos did vote

for biden

an increased number went red nobody has

done more for the black

community than donald trump with the


of abraham lincoln possible exception


also increased the proportion of black

americans voting for him

that's despite his criticism of the

black lives matter protests which have

dominated the news agenda this year

you're not going to agree with

everything he does but i mean he's a lot

better than

joe biden for me so he's he just

recently came up with the platinum plan

i believe like four or five months ago

helping the black and brown

neighborhoods if you look at the

democratic grand cities

i mean they're tearing it up they're

turning up their own neighborhoods in


it looks like his reaction to those

protests may have helped him

the people who had an unfavorable

opinion of the black lives matter


85 percent voted for donald trump

and of course coronavirus has impacted

everything in this election

of the people who think the economy is

more important than coronavirus measures

a huge majority voted for trump he has

painted himself as the president of

money a businessman who can revitalize

america's economy

i like his ideas about tariffs about the

economy about trying to bring some of

the businesses back from offshore

i think he's done a good job with

economics whereas biden promised

to prioritize coronavirus yeah i don't

believe there's scientific evidence to

show that the mask will stop anybody

from getting anything and those who

thought wearing a face mask is a

personal choice

rather than a public responsibility also

donald trump voters i can tell you jesus

christ is my savior and lord

and how trump professes that is up to

him and his faith

faith is more powerful than government

and nothing

is more powerful than god finally

you also can't underestimate the power

of america's evangelical community

76 of white evangelical or born-again


voted for trump they made up more than a

quarter of the people surveyed

so we're talking about a group with

significant voting power i think he

stands up

for life i think he stands up for all


and when you look at the values of a

category of evangelicals

you find those values within that broad


he won their support back in 2016 but it

has decreased slightly this time round

but make no mistake donald trump's

anti-abortion stance and his


policies do really well in places like


where around a quarter of the population

are evangelical christians

he believes in god he trusts in god you

know evangelicals

trust in god and believe the bible and

the judeo-christian

view of life and that's what he

that's what he supports and believes i

am your voice and

we will make america great again and

that's what we're doing