(FFXIV) A Vote-Kick I DIdn't See Coming

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that continuing pvb misadventures of

Starrcade Hellraiser ah more tall

farming and


HC h v8

you see the Friday night Saturday night

last week ten thirty years ago

and I've seen it would calm the moment

that this ended I ended up logging off

for the night

yes this ends another kick


lawyer 6c coming of course it's a to you

zoom in zoom out hey wait a minute right

there this father

Wars look great what makes that Lakes

like Vegas has looked absolutely badass

not so much that side

the other side yeah that's

but enough about my horsey it's time

whoop somebody left probably cuz of me

so they been replaced and the match has


all right what do we got here that was

the point man

so now we get there that's up in the

middle up at the top

you can have one

Papa made Mormons this is one of the

smaller ones Bachmann said

there's nails down

di Bao son

all of you

oh how it appears

that's the barge dead

and of course our niece has already been

taken it's a net half into the match oh

joy another one of these


but the [ __ ] let's take their face

well first on you don't even have your

own face

you know hot

which the ninjas getting supported the

rest is odd because word dança

another 70 points we've got

when 300 we got 40

now here they come

I'll find a nice place to die

right now I'm actually delivering a game


I'm the only this somebody's gonna

decide it's the battle plane will lose

as quickly as possible to her tunes and

go home

suddenly it looks like it yeah let's see

it's 328 187 before and isn't for you

80s because somehow to have somebody

else's face probably yellows



another 7/8 of the milestone I even

noticed this as I was doing the way

like for these things

with him

nobody wants to touch the [ __ ] of

nobody wants the asteroid everybody just

seems to be hell-bent you know there's

two asteroids yeah and the dart knives

allowed to heal out Maelstrom now is 500


you know

you know out the dark you get two asses

of mortgage

I had something else I would have said

at least this point

I'm only keeping my mouth shut but it's

pranking coming here that some money

isn't lost cause already

the Maelstrom has more points than both

the other teams put together in the

Maelstrom is over halfway

who brought that one Valentine gets on

his half the games

oh boy

we never unopposed situation now of

course the one right here

is this is Summoner right here okay

find me near

I had to death

then at this point I'm looking at the

whole blanket


nobody solvent

knowing some of these on news about a

third heaven

half health third health whatever was

mine the only person

popo's for being one of my bank my

linkshell has responded just get one the

50 and old are you

way to the old to have have one person

has all right

you know disconnected reconnected and

now watch what happens because I don't

see this one coming not diminish our

wall snores anyway it's 787

5:38 now I mentioned guarding three

nodes here they're easy purpose to what

I'm doing there are three nodes in a

triangle here here and here you see them

I make them happen

it makes all this insulin you yarn that

looking at seeing what's going on

up to the owls nest

girl wasn't after away Jew damn was a

so what happens

what happens what's going on Brock eBay

I let me know kicked haha kiss my ass

you suck we were gonna lose anyways

arcade hell raiser