How to boost FPS ON CS:GO on Mac OSX! | 2018

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hey what's up guys so drum central here

and welcome to a new video so this is

gonna be quite a different video this is

gonna be branching off of our Mac trolls

and this is actually be an in-depth

tutorial of csgo and this is a game that

can be played on Steam as you can see

here that's the only game that I have in

my Steam library which is Counter Strike

global Offensive and it's actually like

a really fun shooter game and I'll leave

all the links below in the description

if you guys want to check it out and

want to give it a try but this video is

mainly for people that do already have

the game and are experiencing FPS issues

and other issues with speed of the game

and stuff like that which is common on a

Mac as Mac is not optimized for gaming

or anything like that so let's check in

with the specs on my Mac before we get

started I have an early 2015 11 inch

MacBook Air running on Mac OS hi Sierra

right now this is generally if you have

this computer this is this is the latest

update for it so if you have the

computer this is what you're gonna be

running graphics until HD graphics 6000

1536 megabytes and yeah that's that's

that's what it is

let's look at our storage real quick you

can see how much I have 50 gigabytes

available it's quite awesome so the

premise of this video will be how to

increase your FPS in Counter Strike

global Offensive so heading to our

hometown Shrek and this is the FPS

they're running in the menu right now

fps and the menu does not really matter

unless you're opening cages and such

like that but as you can see I have neck

wrap up neck RAF went on so basically

what you need to do to enable this to

see your FPS is you're gonna want to go

into keyboard and mouse here on scroll

all the way to the bottom and you're

gonna go to toggle console you want to

set it to any button they want under

keyboard to toggle this and for me it's

gonna be L it's comfortable if you I

recommend it to you guys actually pretty

easy after that you're gonna want to go

into game setting and in this first tab

up here and one click enable developer

console it's gonna be on no and you're

gonna want to switch you say yes so

after that all you want to do is click

on that button to go into your console

and after you're done this you know what

type net I'm

score oops net underscore graph 1 and

for this I'm into 0 so this is basically

what you're gonna be doing this I'll

explain it later in the video so let's

open up our console again and take the

simple command net graph as you can see

it pops up this little menu here it

tells your tick as we give our FPS loss

and pink soap in a 0 I'm in the main

menu can't really there's no pink

related thanks it's basically to

increase your FPS let's look what I have

right now in my video 6 I'm running

generally high for everything but for

the premises video I'm gonna have to go

to very low for everything

so that's general what I did what was on

before we generally what all you guys

are gonna have on so you're gonna want

to enable your settings or changes

things exactly everything I have and I

at the end the video this is you'll have

a higher fps and what you had before and

again this appear is my off to my

settings this is what I prefer but these

are your optimized settings if you want

to increase your FPS on max so these

video settings up here this is the best

possible option if you want your game to

still look nice but also run over 60 FPS

so my resolution dependents 66 times 766

so Ethan widescreen 16 by 9 and yeah

this it's still look it's pretty it's

smooth and game and you know so these

are the things you want to do but this

isn't all of it this will help this this

is a drastic change than what it was

before so you want to click apply after

that your games gonna freeze a little

bit as you can see and obviously I'm

recording - so my fps is gonna vary a

little bit but it'll be ten frames

different so we'll see what's about

right now it's in between hundred FPS so

but this is many many of like I said it

didn't matter and basically what you're

gonna need to do to increase your FPS

you have to do those options there and

I've seen in many other videos um

there's a launch settings where you can

put in your calls on this this that's

not negative when you're doing this

method so base what you're gonna need to

do is download an offline map it's a

workshop map called FPS benchmark and

basically what you can do you can just

open up your

you have which will lead you to this

page right here we're going to a web

browser on Google and just type in FPS


FPS benchmark it'll lead you to the

Steam Workshop page not actually leave

all the links for this in description so

you don't have to go into this but if

you'd like to and like to know this way

that's all you have to do and you're

gonna click the subscribe button I'm

already subscribed you should want to

click Subscribe and yeah that's all you

need to do after they should click your

play tab offline with thoughts got a

workshop in all maps click FPS benchmark

and enable no BOTS so it's gonna load

you into the map right now obviates

gonna take a minute or two but um I'm

looking on YouTube recently about csgo

cuz it's one of my all-time favorite

games and it sucks to see that not a lot

of videos are on Mac cuz I know a lot of

you guys have a lot of homies out there

are actually on Mac and stuck on Mac and

really want to get off it but you can't

same here like I want to get off this

Mac but I can't even can't get rid of it

so for any of you guys stuck on Mac or

you actually like Mac and you enjoy it I

enjoy sometimes enjoying it and it's not

the best for gaming let's let's be real

here but so let's continue with the map

this I like I said but let's go back to

the point I was before on YouTube

there's oh it's over a year and close to

two years at a lot last time an FPS

video was uploaded for Mac so let's

enter the server so we'll see

as you can see in the top right corner

here I'm going between 60fps and as you

can see it's very smooth very very

smooth and so you want to go over to

these helpful commands I'm Mike increase

a yes

and basically it's a bunch of commands

that you can type yourself I've been

using this a nifty galifty on command

more data's are you can actually change

that with the shot up your gun so let's

do that right now

when I said that I miss this one here

and I like to play community service lot

more than I prefer to do matchmaking or

anything like that casual and this is

because the communities this is what

lets you play in community service if

the community server runs ads then you

can't clean the server so it keep this

off it doesn't really affect anything

and basically all you're gonna have to

do once click all these save and before

my FPS was out there against 60 just

straight 68 with 60s and 50s now it's

it's 70s so as you can see the game

plays actually very very very smooth see

there's even a moving object right here

and I'm still clearly getting 70 FPS and

the FPS drops because I matching to

still punch and it's a having down low

SBC it's generally in 70 going between

80 FPS we shoot your gun generally it's

thing on the bright side of 60 FPS and

80 FPS so yeah that's basically what you

can want to do you wanna enable all

these values on here click everything

that I've done I'll head back into the

video settings actually right here you

got a second before when I take a

picture of it or screenshot it or just

positive yet copy it simply so there you

go then again you can play it would

probably run better on a four by three

aspect ratio with the lowest possible on

resolution you can do but for this video

the purpose of this video is how to run

csgo on your Mac off to my settings and

make it look as best as possible so you

could definitely run over 80 FPS or run

over what I'm doing right now if you

were to go on four by three but it does

not look great it's it looks rip the

gameplay looks fat it looks choppy and

it does not look nice the gameplay

doesn't look nice but the game is faster

so if you're if you're all about that

you don't really care about how the game

looks and you wanted to just just run

extremely well then hit the four by

three button on your settings and switch

to that so

here you can do an FPS to enter a

performance test right here and it'll

take you through smoking stuff like that

I'm actually not going to do that for

the purpose of this video because it'll

be extremely laggy since I'm recording

and let's go back to that idea that I am

recording right now you know it it is

off about 10 or 20 FPS so add 10 or 20

FPS to this total up here and that's

what your FPS should be so let's see

what the average is generally running

about in the 70s and 60s so let's add 10

or 20 games in this case we'll see 20 so

you'd be running at 80 or 90 FPS when

doing these tips that I've given you in

the video so really simple tips all you

really have to do is go to your web

browser type in FPS bench benchmark

second link that comes up the Steam

Workshop and yeah here it is it's up it

was made in 2015 still extremely helpful

to this day or click subscribe then go

in you're off on your thoughts and if

you guys play here you want to set your

settings to these click Save and this

this is a drastic change your FPS cuss

let's go to will do comparison

appropriate here let's just go to all

you guys probably can't tell it is a bit

choppy as you can see in the FPS and

then that graph it is more in the 60s

for this one

so what's also our video settings put

everything to what the auto is I'm just

doing it to generally what the normal

settings and cam trick are so can I keep

that off so let's apply I'll see how

much lower FPS is then what it would be

with using these optimized settings so

we'll do a direct comparison it's taking

a little bit and this is it is slow so

I'm curious to see what the FPS change

is gonna be it's definitely gonna be

different and there we go there there is

a clear winner right here so as you can

see I'm running about 50 60 FPS then

again this

this is high before it's still running

very well when I'm doing this so I think

it's it's it jumping more on the L here

it's staying and yell consistently so

after doing these changes were here

let's go to the changes again I think

but the third one disabled you know me

cuz that enables you to find Kennedy

servers save and see from that it is

generally um bought from between the

sixties and the 50s but before it wasn't

so was I actually go back to the

Buddhist a very low honestly it doesn't

really change much from putting we used

to very long sort of high because it

really only changes the the skins and

like maybe like the dust on the map but

Evan was it still looks very nice when

you have this aspect ratio under the

asian on sixteen by nine and the

resolution that's displayed here it's

still very very very nice so back on the

gate and see as you can see it's a much

more smooth you browse broad can see it

give the reporters to CFDs but it is

much more source see it's now you go

into the 50s anymore it's only

constantly saying and staying in green

which is perfect so yeah guys so also

just want to give a quick update I'm

finished with the vein you know if you

guys are not interested in future growth

from my channel or anything other than

this video you can click off the video

drop a like go drop a comment and turn

your notifications on to get more update

videos and such like this so I want to

give an update for the summer I'm

actually it's summer schools overs you

can see it's June thirtieth schools and

it schools under the week EO so there's

gonna be a lot more uploads and I've

actually done some upgrades in my

computer and I can do a lot more quality

videos my previous videos were not we're

not too great I'm not gonna be the first

one to admit that but yeah we're gonna

we're trying to progress on the YouTube

channel I want to become more of a

tutorial base you know directly with Mac

OS X IDE content so we're gonna

generally do that how we're gonna focus

on that and there's gonna be at least

one upload a week now that sounds pretty

low it is low

I want the videos to be the best that

they possibly can be most helpful that

they possibly can for you guys though so

that's really owned elision is known

that's in the one we won uploading

minimum on the channel it's all gonna be

Mac related whether that be FPS changes

in games how to increase like the

overall performance of your Mac computer

or just like top ten games or something

it's it's always gonna be related to Mac

so all you Mac homies out there it's

gonna be not really helpful to you guys

so that's really all I wanna say in the

video guys hope he doesn't do the new

hope it hope for you and hope for me for

sure so I hope it helps you guys I'll

leave all the links that you need in the

description and yeah guys thanks these