How To Vote In Colorado 2020

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hey Colorado if you want to vote first

you've got to be registered you can

check if you're already registered using

the link in the description but if you

still need to register or you've moved

or changed your name since the last time

you voted and me to update your

registration there's a few ways you can

do it if you have a valid Colorado ID

there's a link in the description where

you can go register online right now but

maybe you don't have one say you don't

drive or you're a student from another

state you'll need to print out the

registration form linked below and mail

it in you need to register by october 26

to get your mail ballot in time for the

general election on November 3rd but you

can still register all the way up to

election day you just have to go out in

person at a voter service in polling

center once you're registered you get to

vote for most people in Colorado that

means voting by mail as long as you're

registered by the deadline I just

mentioned a ballot will get mailed to

your home address there's nothing

special you have to do to request it it

just shows up you can fill out the

ballot at your own pace at home take

time to research the candidates or other

ballot measures if you want to and then

mail your ballot back with enough time

for it to arrive at your county clerk's

office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day if

it's your first time voting by mail

you'll also need to send in a photocopy

of a form of ID that could be a valid

Colorado driver's license passport

student ID a current utility bill or

bank statement with your name and

address on or some other less common

forms the full list is linked below and

also printed on your ballot and that's

it that's all you have to do to vote

there's a link in the description

that'll tell you when your county clerk

has received your ballot so you don't

have to worry about whether it got there

in time but hey maybe you missed those

registration deadlines or it's election

day and you forgot to mail in your

ballot don't panic it's all good the

state of Colorado really wants you to be

able to vote if you go to go vote

Colorado comm you can look up your voter

services in polling center you can show

up in person with a valid ID from the

list I just mentioned and register and

vote in person from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on

Election Day you can also hand deliver

your mail in ballot to these locations

if you already got it and filled it out

but just didn't send it in time and it

will be counted and remember the poll

workers if your vote center are there to

help you so don't be afraid to ask

questions still if you're gonna vote it

doesn't hurt to open up your Notes app

or grab a pen and paper right now and

make a plan write down when and how

you're gonna register where you need

your ballot mailed whether you're gonna

mail in your ballot or drop it off at a

polling Center even when you're gonna

stop by the post office

those stamps you need having a plan is a

great way to make sure that nothing

unexpected stops you from voting on

November 3rd there will be links for

everything you need to make sure you're

registered and find your voter and

polling services location in the

description thanks for voting how to

vote in every state is produced by

complexly in partnership with the

media-wise voter projects which is led

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