Independent Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan AO, explains her process for voting in Parliament

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hello everybody since becoming the

independent member for in die I'm often

asked how do I know which way to vote

there are a few guiding principle i use

when deciding how to vote on legislation

and I call this my voting framework my

first responsibility is to the

electorate how will the bill before

parliament impact on in die will it have

implications on our communities for

health education employment secondly I'm

guided by the commitments I made during

the campaign and these include improving

transport telecommunications education

climate change health and mental health

agriculture Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander people supporting young people

and cross-border issues particular

relating to small business and third

does the bill align with my vision for

in die that is a prosperous and caring

community alive with opportunities where

everybody is able to reach their

potential there are also the indo values

to take into account understanding

listening and sharing knowledge and

experience integrity that's being open

honest and consistent in our actions

respect treating people curtis lee in

fairly and optimism believing we can

always be better and action fulfilling

our commitments so other considerations

include ensuring that the diversity of

voices and opinions are heard

encouraging respectful amateur

representation and being honest and

respectful and well-informed when making

statements it's also important to

understand the practical day-to-day

voting in Parliament generally there are

two types of votes substantive motions

that concern the passage of legislation

and procedural motions that cover the

operations of the house

and generally I support the government

of the day on substantive motions unless

there is some conflict to values and

policy or it falls outside the voting

framework I made it clear before being

elected that I would support the

government of the day and where

appropriate I support amendments to

improve legislation when procedural

motions are being discussed it's my

approach to support the role of

Parliament for open respectful debate

which enables the diversity of

perspectives and representations to

occur so where possible I vote in

support of procedural motions that allow

the business of the house to be

conducted in an effective manner on gag

motions which are procedural motions

it's been my practice to vote for debate

and discussion and against motions that

in debate frequently referred to as the

gag and generally it's the government

moving the gag so it's been my practice

to vote with the opposition against

these motions I hope this video has

given you an insight into my

decision-making in Parliament and I do

welcome your comments and feedback and

please visit my website to see the

details of my voting record thank you