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maximum supper 2016 the voting machines

Americans can counter on Election Day on

election day in the United States there

are a number of different ways voters

will cast their ballots to help

determine the direction of the country

going forward on Election Day voters

will go to their local voting stations

depending on where they're voting there

are different ways to cast a vote with

optical scan paper ballot systems on

their voting card voters will fill in

the ovals or boxes indicating their

choices once the ballot is filled out

the voter will then submit the voting

card into a ballot scanner where the

votes will be counted electronically

voters using direct recording electronic

systems will simply select those choices

on the touchscreen the machine then

stores the voters choices to be

automatically tabulated with ballot

marking devices voters insert their

voting cards into the machine where they

will then make their selections using

the touchscreen keypads once the

selections have been made the voter will

print out their voting card and then

enter it into a scanning machine to

complete the vote the punch card voting

system utilizes a paper card and a small

clipboard with a voting booklet the

method involves entering the card into

the card holder and then using the punch

pin to make the desired selections on

each page of the booklet when completed

the voter then drops their card into the

ballot box among the range of issues and

leaders to vote on Americans will decide

who they feel is best suited to run the

country once the ballots are cast all

that's left to do is tally the votes and

await the final results finally see a

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