Ways to Vote | Elections Canada

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Did you know there are 4 different ways

to vote in federal elections and by-elections?

Choose the one that's convenient for you.

You can vote at your polling place on election day.

Your polling place will be open for 12 hours.

Or, if it's more convenient for you, you can vote on one

of the four advance voting days.

To find out when and where to vote,

check the voter information card that Elections Canada mails

to all registered voters soon after the election is called.

Or go to and type your postal code into

our voter information service.

You can also vote in person at a local Elections Canada office.

After the election is called, offices are open 7 days a week.

Check to find an office near you and to learn the

deadline for voting this way.

Go there to vote any day until 6 p.m.

on the Tuesday before election day.

You can also vote by mail.

After the election is called, apply online at

Don't wait!

To vote this way, your application must reach us

by 6 p.m. on the Tuesday before election day.

If you can't apply online, call Elections Canada.

We'll be happy to help.

When you apply, Elections Canada will send you a voting kit

with a ballot and instructions.

Mark your ballot and return it by the election day deadline.

Remember: Once you've applied to vote by mail,

that's the only way you can vote.

For more information on voting and accessibility services,

visit or call 1-800-463-6868.