How to Vote by Mail in California

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the rules and style of ballot vary by

county we're using one provided by the

santa clara county registrar of voters

but there are some important basics

we're going to cover those and basically

just follow directions

after you open your ballot find the

right pen the santa clara county

registrar voter says

a blue or black ink pen no pencils no

crayons no markers

the registrar also says do not use red

ink using your blue or black ink pen you

can write in a candidate but don't

randomly mark

up your ballot follow the directions for


santa clara county voters should only

fill in the ovals

other counties use arrows or lines stay

within the lines

and fill them in completely if you make

a mistake

don't worry you can request a new ballot

by phone

but that takes time so consider working

on your ballot early

signing your ballot envelope is required

the registrar says your signature must

match the signature on file on your

voter registration card

beware if your signature is missing or

does not match your voter registration

card your ballot

cannot be counted let's talk about

sending your ballot there's been a lot

of talk about the post office and mail


but you don't have to use the mail you

can drop it off at your local elections


look for other drop boxes at places like

city halls libraries and community


your registrar of voters office likely

provided a list

with your ballot if you can't drop off

your ballot yourself

and must mail yours in consider sending

it early to ensure it arrives in time

the santa clara county registrar says

your voted ballot

must be received by the registrar of

voters by 8 pm

on election day or must be postmarked on

or before

election day and received within 17 days

of the election