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hi guys welcome back to my channel ah i

don't need to ask for mistake because i

know you missed me but then

i'm so sorry i've not been bringing the

gist as usual my tsp has problem for

those that in the community you already

know i posted it there

so once i fix it i'll bring you all the

juice that you have me so this week

might be very slow

but then next week i'm going to come you

know i hope it is fixed before then so

today i just want to tell you how to

vote for your favorite

housemate so we know that voting is not

going to happen this week but then

unfailingly next week voting will be

open for you to vote for my favorite

housemates sir

for you not to have the problem of how

do i board who do i vote for i know some

of you already have favorites already so


this is just a video to tell you how to

vote for your favorite housemate and

there are actually four mediums to vote

for your favorite housemates yeah sms

mobile sites desktop that is webpage and

your app the dstv app or go tv app so

yeah let's start with sms but before we

start if you're not subscribed

be sure to subscribe and hit the bell

button for notifications whenever i

upload a video it's actually my favorite

part of my video because i'm begging you

to subscribe

so let's just start so first of all

let's deal with sms so sms basically

you have 100 volts per user and the sms


error the sms rate applied so how do you

vote you send

votes in capital letter the name of your

favorite housemate to three two zero

five to vote

your favorite housemate's name to three

two zero

five two and the networks that are able

to send this sms

is mtn enter and nine mobile that's for


so let's move on to mobile sites so to

virtual mobile sites you access their


through your mobile and you go to slash big brother

then you find the vote menu so when you

get there you find some information that

you're required to fill

and don't forget when you're adding your

phone number you should have

international format that is plus

your country code before your phone

number so once you have registered all

this information they will send you an

otp number and that number you add that


to a place that we provided and voila

you're registered to vote and then you

go to vote now select your favorite


and that's it just with your favorite

housemates the otp number will be sent

to you through sms and don't forget the

mobile site

button is free just the data course will

be applied now for the dstv app and

go to yeah first of all you have to go

to your google play store and your app

store to download

this app and once you download it first

of all they will ask you when you want

to log in they'll ask you for

your smart card number your mobile

number or

your surname whatever details you see

that are that refers to your dstv

or your google tv so once you log in

then you're not finding votes

now when you click the votes now it will

take you to a new page where you're

going to fill out some information and

not forget

whenever you're trying to write your

mobile number put in

with international code because there

are so many people in different parts of

the world watching the big brother niger

then the beautiful thing about this you

know for acting nigerian subscribers

you don't just get only the normal

hundred votes everybody get you get an


100 votes for so that is for acting

nigerian subscribers

for dstv or go tv you get 200 votes at

the end of the week

yeah so once you fill out all those

information they're going to send you an

otp number again

so once you receive the otp number you

put it in and yes you're ready to vote

for your favorite

housemate and then you set your favorite

housemate and vote as many times

as you are given so that's about it guys

that's how you can put your favorite


now another useful thing about this

voting system is you cannot upgrade your

package for the one you're using now to


more voting power for your favorite

classmate now if you're going to go to

visually you're going to have

extra 200 votes now if you're ready to

go tv max you're going to get 350 votes

now for dstv if you upgrade to dstv

younger you're going to get 200 volts

your upgraded dstv confirmed you get 500

volts and

if you're going to dscv compact you're

going to get 750 volt if you upgrade to

dstv compact plus

you're going to get 1 500 foot and then

dst with premium you're gonna get two

thousand five hundred people so

just seize this opportunity to keep your

favorite housemates in the house and

don't forget i'm bringing this just to


as eagle hot when my dsd is fixed of

course so that's about it guys that's

how you can vote for your favorite


let me know what you think in the

comment section you see nobody really

said telling me their favorite i want to

know your favorite already in the

house because it's about to change their

during the show they're not starting

their characters that

play family reunion so yeah let me know

what you think in the comment section

don't forget to subscribe share this

video with your friends

and don't forget to leave your comments

in the comment section so it's like come

your way again with

another video bye