Voting Ballot Demonstration - Oct. 30

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the most important things that we ask

the voter to do is to read the

instructions with regard to how to fill

in the oil it's pretty simple the best

thing to do is fill in the Oval as

completely as possible

there's no guarantee that if you exit or

if you check it that's going to vote

even if you Circle it this is the wrong

way to do it

these are examples of how not to do it

the safest and a recommended way to do

it is a fill in the Oval completely so

and the judges after they check you have

you sign in give you the ballot you go

vote you go to this machine and you're

done I don't have to check back at the

table right we just believe certainly

okay so it should add one to that and

does it beep or something to tell you

that you're done with it's true well

basically it's the you will hear the

ballot drop in the box if it doesn't be

then that means your ballot has been met

and that's it

so the only reason it wouldn't be

accepted is if you get one of those

situations Joe showed you in it right

either over voter honor for a total of

seven and that's it okay and then you're