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FIF Abell and or 2019 was just held

recently and Lionel Messi was the winner

there have been a lot of accusations

that some of the players have been

robbed some have even accused the board

of racism so that we want to take a look

at how the selection is done every year

fifth are releases a very small document

to guide the selection of the Ballon

d'Or called rules of allocation it

states who is eligible for selection the

criterion of selection and who is

eligible to vote

it contains twelve articles but for

clarity's sake we focus on the exact

reason for the video there are a few

points to be noted one article two

states that the awards reward the best

in each category regardless of

championship or nationality for their

respective achievements during the

period from 16 July 2018 to 19 july 2019

inclusive for the men's Awards and from

25 May 2018 to 7 july 2019 inclusive for

the women's Awards this means is not

racial bias due to article 3 states that

the awards are bestowed according to

on-field performance and overall

behavior on and off the pitch this means

character and media profile is also

taken into account so not only based on

talented skills and trophies won with in

the season 3 article 4 explains who is

eligible to vote and it states the

winners of the best fit immense player

and the best fit immense coach Awards

will be selected by an international

jury comprising the current coaches of

all men's national teams one for team

the current captains of all men's

national teams one for team one

specialist journalists from each

territory represented by a national team

and fans from all over the world

registered on fifth calm

for article six states the three players

and three coaches nominated by each jury

member received five points three points

or one point respectively depending on

whether the juror places the player or

coach first five points second three

points or third one point this means

that for example if 257 people cast the

vote for the top three let's say Messi

bandage and Ronaldo bandage gets the

majority of five points does not make

him the winner if he gets more one point

as well this is where it gets

interesting to explain this further the

points allocated are five points equals

first place three points equals second

place one point equals third place

accordingly F bandage gets total points

of 129 votes first place

53 votes second place and 75 votes

third place he got the 129 first place

out of 275 which is more than 50% don't

make him the winner to evaluate the

winner it is by simple arithmetic thus

129 5 plus 50 33 plus 75 1 equals 800 79

points the same will be done for Messi

if he gets 100 votes of first place

125 votes of second place and 32 votes

of third places than his points will be

105 plus 125 3 plus 32 1 equals 907

points and then Ronaldo gets 28 votes of

first place 132 votes of second place

and 97 votes of third place his points

will also be 28 5 plus 132 3 plus 97 1

equals 517 points then Messi will be the

winner with the highest points that

there is a tire article 8 explains that

the one with the highest number of the

first-place points will be selected if

there's also a tire than one with the

highest number of second-place will

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