How To Vote: Australian Federal Election 2016

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hi there Sabrina from Burt here hope

you're all well we've got an election

coming up so I thought I would make a

quick blurt on how to vote now this is

the House of Reps ballot paper it's

actually a pale green and it hasn't

really changed at all you need to fill

in all these boxes from 1 to 8 in the

order of your choice

the real change that's happened on this

form is just that the logos of the

political parties are included here and

it may or may not help you recognize who

you want to vote for now the really big

change has happened over here in the

Senate voting form or ballot paper as

it's called now you have two sections

here one which is what they call the

above-the-line section and the other

which is the below-the-line section now

we need to elect six senators so what

you need to do is if you want to vote

above the line which is faster and a bit

more clear-cut then all you need to do

is order all of these boxes from one

through six now you don't need to order

them you don't need to number them all

you just need to go one through six

until you've indicated your preferences

you can number them all if you want to

but one two sixes as much as you need to

do now the other place you can also vote

is if you want to vote below the line

you can distribute your your preferences

more widely so what you need to do down

here if you choose to vote below the

line is to number the boxes one through

twelve now you'll see that there are

many more boxes than twelve

you only need to number one through

twelve so there you have it

you can vote above the line which is up

here or below the line which is down

here but not both make it count

it's your vote have a great weekend on

July the second