How to Vote While Living Abroad | Absentee Ballot

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hiya Bruce it is Nedley here once again

and I'm here to tell you something very

important as one of the more than five

million American citizens but are

non-military living abroad you know

sometimes we forget that our voice is

important and it needs to be heard

especially in this upcoming election I

want to show you exactly how easy it is

to register and get your ballot your

absentee ballot while you are living

overseas I submit in mind and literally

got my ballot within six hours so when I

say it's easy and fast yes trust and

believe it is easy and fast so I'm going

to go through step by step on how you

can register in some easy ways some

sneaky ways and cheaper ways and options

to get your ballot to you literally

maybe within six hours like me so if

you're interested to see then please

stay tuned so the first thing you want

to do you want to go to the website WWF

VAP gov slash citizen

- voter slash registration - ballots on

this page you are going to click on your

home state the state where your home

address or your last address was so once

you click on your home state it's going

to pull up all of your voter your state

voter rep requirements and absentee

registration Fallot

submission deadlines so for example for

me in florida i must submit my voter

registration form no later than October

11th that is literally basically next

week so for every state it is definitely

a different date so I would suggest that

you take a look at this website or way

in advance like now so you can see

exactly when your data is they have that

kind of that date in mind next you are

going to scroll down on that same page

and you will see three boxes you want to

look for the first box register to vote

request a ballot or update

voter info in this box you are going to

click on the link FPC a form you want to

click and download this form when you

click on this form it's going to open a

fillable PDF and you want to make sure

that you fill in this information as

correctly as possible please make sure

that you choose the preferred way you

want to receive your ballot by email

mail or fax I personally would suggest

email because you'll get it right

literally in your email

hence the way I got my ballot within six

hours and then print out your form next

you need to mail your registration form

so each state has a different mail by

date so please make sure you look at

your own States so you have an idea of

when that is most states are usually

around the beginning to mid-october but

again it can be earlier and it can be

later so please take a look out for that

so there are two ways that you can mail

your form the first way is you could

just easily mail it so for the mailing

address that you need to send it to you

you are going to go back to that

original page that we went to and you

are going to click on your state's

election office website click on this

scroll to the bottom of their page and

right there you should be able to find

your your state's elections office

address copy that put on your envelope

make sure you have enough stamps to get

it to wherever you're going especially

if you're living abroad and send it it

may take up to two or three weeks to get

there depending on how you mailed it but

you can get it in as long as it's mailed

by the Davis specified by your state the

second you will fax it but it's not the

original fact thing it's going to be a

fax through your mobile phone you are

first going to get the app you can

either go to your app store or your

Google Play Store and look up fax app

you can download one of the many fax

apps that are available I

personally suggests either tiny facts or

facts file before you start to use this

app first this isn't the sneaky thing

connect your phone to Wi-Fi and connect

it to a VPN that is set in the United

States this is how you are going to save

your money let me explain later okay so

after you are already set up with your

Wi-Fi and your VPN you are going to take

a picture of your document so of your

completed registration take a full

picture of your document next go to your

app and open that same document through

your app your app is going to edit it

and enhance that picture for the best of

faxing quality possible once you add in

that attachment you are going to go to

the recipient portion and you are going

to put in the fax number for whoever

you're setting that to again that

information can be found on your steep

Elections Office website so now you have

your document uploaded and you have the

recipient you're going to send it to

next you actually need to send it but

you need to pay for it so in order to

pay for it you are going to have to add

credits to your account and credits can

be upwards to two dollars and fifty

cents per 50 credits and what you're

gonna do it should be no more than 20

credits and that app is going to send

your document directly to your office of

elections in your state is it that is

how easy it is to vote this election

season please please please go ahead and

vote make your voice be heard there are

over five million of us out there and if

even half of us are able to vote we can

make a huge change in our home country

so please don't take this power lightly

please go ahead and do these steps is

gonna take you less than

ten minutes anyways I hope this video

helps you guys out thank you so much for

watching if it helps you out please like

and share this video to your friends and

everybody else abroad okay

happy shot we'll see you guys