How to Vote in Alberta

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The voting process may seem complicated at first, but as you will see, it is actually

pretty simple.

This video will walk you through the steps of how to vote.

Election day is finally here.

You’ve just arrived at your local voting place – now you have to find the correct

polling station so you can cast your ballot.

If you’ve received your ‘where to vote’ card, and the information is correct, you’ll

be directed to the poll official and asked to state your name and address.

But what happens if you’re not on the list of electors?

You must provide identification proving your name and address to register.

You can provide one piece of government-issued ID containing your photograph, your name and

current address.

Or, if you cannot provide government-issued ID, you must provide two pieces of authorized


Both must have your name, and one must have your current address.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, the poll clerk will cross your name off the

list in the poll book.

The deputy returning officer will then sign his or her initials on the ballot.

Once you have your ballot, go behind the voting screen and make your choice.

Your vote is secret, so no one will know who you voted for.

Be sure not to choose multiple candidates.

Ranking your ballot is not allowed either.

Just choose one candidate, and mark his or her name with an X.

Once you’ve made your choice, refold your ballot and return it to the deputy returning

officer, who will check for their initials, and hand the ballot back to you.

Now you can place your ballot in the ballot box.

Congrats – you just voted!

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?