How to vote for me in AGT finale 22.09.2020

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we all know that dinely is doing her

part to win america's got talent

but now more than ever she needs our

help voting can be a little confusing if

you don't have all the right information

and that's what we'll go over here so

you can vote as often as possible

and we can enjoy seeing denelia perform

and compete through the finals

so what are the ways to vote there are

actually three ways

and you aren't limited to only one of

them you might be thinking you can only

vote a maximum of 10 times

because that's what your current method

has suggested but in fact you can vote

10 times in

each of the three methods for a possible

total of

30 votes starting with method one

with your smartphone you can visit

either google play or the app store

and download the official agt app using

a valid working email address

once you have the app open it up after

denelia performs next

and simply go to the vote tab click on

her picture and vote up to 10 times

during the voting window

which is open until the following

morning at 7 00 am

eastern time with this method you can

give denelia your first 10

votes but hold on because you can

actually give her more

with method 2 you can vote online at

just sign in with your nbc universal


if you don't have one make sure you use

an active email address and create one

once you're on just choose the act you

want assign the votes and then submit

just like with method 1 this can be done

before the end of the voting window

which again

is 7 am eastern time the morning after

the live performance

now by doing this along with method 1

you'll be able to cast

10 additional votes for a running total

of 20 votes

now method 3 is a little more specific

as it is only available to xfinity


but if you are a subscriber and have the

xfinity x1 set top box

you can vote using the xfinity voice

remote by following the on-screen

directions during the broadcast feed

of the het episode and up to one hour


you can also use the voice command vote

for agt

using the voice remote during the voting

window which will activate the voting


and allow you to cast again 10 more


but remember you only have up to an hour

after the broadcast using this method to


so now if you've used all three methods

for voting

that's 30 total votes you can give to

danella also keep in mind you don't have

to be watching any of the broadcasts in

order to vote

as long as you cast those votes during

the voting window

but of course you'll be watching so now

you should have

all the information you need to at least

get to know you 20 votes

and possibly 30 total if you are an

xfinity subscriber

but if you still have questions for more

information you can just visit the links

in the description below

thanks for watching and remember to

support and vote denelia