6 TH AFRIMA awards Voting, How to vote

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she can take over the Timucua taco don't

deal are you a heir hello Africa if you

got you in a start and I'm here to thank

everyone that has helped me in my

musical journey thank you so so very

much and I want to thank you my fans

without you there is no Trina South

because of you I've been nominated for a

FEMA Africa's biggest award show in the

category of film best female artist in

southern Africa therefore I'm asking you

to vote for me beginning 1st September

to November by visiting a free MoDOT or

RG if you love my music and you would

like more please share this and what if

you haven't heard my music yet visit any

major streaming site and search for

Trina's sound better still search me on

Google you'll find my music right there

and don't forget to follow me on Twitter

at Trina stuff Instagram attune yourself

Facebook just to the south and don't

forget to subscribe to my youtube search

for Trina sauce I love you so much thank

you very much I appreciate it

oh my god my entertaining


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