How to Vote Absentee in MCN Elections

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are you a Creek citizen who votes

absentee and ask questions about how to


here's the official process it's

important to note that your absentee

ballot is required to be filled out in

secret when you receive your absentee

ballot in the mail it will contain two

envelopes a return envelope and an

absentee ballot envelope once you have

completed your ballot it is placed in

the absentee ballot envelope which is

then placed in the return envelope once

you have opened your ballot make sure

you take time to review each district

and remember that you can only vote for

one candidate for district or office to

vote mark your ballot by completely

filling in the Oval to the left of your

choice using only blue or black ink

after marking your ballot refold it in

the same manner as it was received and

place it in the envelope labeled

absentee ballot Muscogee Creek Nation

election once your ballot is inside

completely sealed this envelope and

place it in the white return envelope

labeled Muscogee Creek Nation primary

election before the return envelope is

sealed sign the certification that you

marked your ballot in secret ballots

that have not been certified in this

manner will not be accepted all that is

left to do then is mail the postage paid

envelope and remember hand-delivered

ballots will not be accepted for more

information on voting absentee visit wwm

CN NS n govt Forge slash services

forward slash election board voter

registration opens for the general

election September 24th the deadline for

absentee voter registration for the

general election is Wednesday October

9th absentee ballots for the general

election will need to be received by the

Ocmulgee post office by November 2nd at

11 a.m. the number for the Election

Board office is nine one eight seven

three two seven six three one where you

can email them at election at M CN NS n