How to Vote as a Canadian Living Abroad

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welcome back to the Canadian expat

Channel I'm delighted to see you here

as you probably already know the

restriction that Canadians did have on

voting wall abroad have now been lifted

just as a reminder that restriction was

you cannot have lived abroad for longer

than five years and still be able to

vote in a federal election

well that's no longer the case yep that

rule is gone gone gone the Supreme Court

of Canada ruled in a case that said that

this rule was unconstitutional and we

were proud to have acted as an

intervener in that case with the help of

the law firm Osler law their link is in

the description a huge shout-out to

those guys if you have any legal needs

here in Canada that is where you need to

go the question that we get asked most

often now however in terms of voting of

course is that now that we can vote how

do we do it how do we physically vote

well today I'm going to walk you through

what you will need to do leading up to

the election now remember this is how to

register to vote we'll be working with

Elections Canada to bring you another

video a bit later on on how to submit

your special ballot but first you need

to take this step it's easy and quick

first make sure you're qualified there

are three things you must be a Canadian

citizen and have some sort of physical

proof a little bit more on that later on

you must be 18 years old or older you

must have lived in Canada at some point

in your life and will need to know your

address the reason for this is of course

in Canada we vote for a Member of

Parliament in the writing that you are

resident in for Canadians abroad it's

where you were last a resident in so

those three things the first step in

voting as a Canadian abroad is to

register as one it is important to note

that you must register at least by 6:00

p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the

Tuesday before Election Day this means

that in order to vote in the next big

election which is on October 21st 2019

you'll need to have

registered by Tuesday October 15th at 6

p.m. Eastern Standard Time

remember that time difference now

remember you can register at any time

you can register now but in order for

Elections Canada to have time to send

you what they need for you to be able to

vote they need to get everything on time

there are several ways to register but

we're going to talk about one of them in

more detail you can download a PDF file

print it off and send it to the address

on the forum you can contact Elections

Canada to request an application by mail

you can visit Canadian government office

abroad and where you can call Elections

Canada completing an application for

registration and special ballot online

however is what we're going to be

talking about we recommend this and this

is what this video is all about if

you're watching this clearly you have

access to the Internet so it makes sense

that the online application would be the

route that you'd want to take so let's

go online and walk through this all

right so if you followed the Elections

Canada link that is in the description

of the video

you will have come to this page this is

most for the most part anyway very

similar description to what I was

talking about earlier this area here is

where they talk about the different

methods of applying for a special ballot

again registering as a Canadian voter

abroad and what we want to do is click

on this link right here where it says

application for registration and special

ballot online so we're going to click on

that and it'll open up this page here

now this page will change depending on

what's happening in the country in May

sorry on May 6th there will be a

by-election in and I'm a Ladysmith

that's on Vancouver Island so those

people that are living abroad and wish

to vote in that election they can apply

now they have until I believe it's April

30th yes down here they have

until April 30th Tuesday April 30th 6

p.m. to be able to register on time to

be able to vote in this election this

by-election for those that are again

wanting to register for the election on

October 21st this year the main federal

election this is irrelevant so this

doesn't matter so what we'll do is click

on this link at the bottom where it says

applied to vote by mail and this is

where we go through some of the

questions to determine whether or not

you're qualified

so here the simple question is are you

Canadian citizen age 18 or older on May

6 now I don't know why they have this

May 6 because if you're looking for if

you're looking to vote for in the

election on October 21st

then this date is wrong this doesn't

matter whereas if you're wanting to do

if you're wanting to vote in the

by-election then this date does matter

so I think this is going to change quite

frequently depending on what's going on

in the country in terms of by-elections

and and whatnot anyway we're going to

assume that you are a Canadian citizen

and that you will be 18 years of or

older by again it's October 21st that

you want to be looking at not Masek so

we'll click yes this is where they ask

whether or not you're part of the

Canadian Forces in this case for the

purpose of this video we're going to

assume that you aren't and you may be

but in for the purposes of this video

we're going to say no we are not a

Canadian Forces voter if you are

Canadian force voter then there is

another process for you and your home

address now this is where your actual

residence is do you live in Canada

or no again for the purposes of this

video we're talking to Canadians who

currently live abroad the answer is no

your home address is not in Canada the

question here of course have you ever

lived in Canada and we're going to say

yes to this if you click no then you

will not be eligible to vote in the

election even if you're voting even if

sorry you've lived for a very short

period of time in Canada if you've lived

at all in Canada then you qualify to be

able to vote now we look we go through

here here's some information that would

be important for you to know one thing

here where we say prepare to apply to

vote by mail for Canadians living abroad

this is in particular important for you

determining your Canadian address for

voting purposes I mentioned this briefly

earlier you need to have some address

that needs to be associated with you

here in Canada now that can be the

address that you last lived in when you

did live in Canada or and this is

something that has changed recently I it

could be the current home address of

your spouse or common-law partner a

relative of yourself or your spouse or

your common-law partner partner which

means it could be your parents it could

be your sister could be an aunt and

uncle it could be any relative of yours

you can use their address or it could be

a person that you are a dependent of

could be yeah virtually anybody

especially when you take into

consideration this last point which says

a person you would live with if you were

living in Canada so perhaps there's

somebody here in Canada that if you were

to move back home if you were to move

back to Canada you would live with them

then you can use their address

and something to keep in mind this is

important it must be a physical address

not a mailing address so you can't use

your P o box or a rural route number it

has to be a physical address and once

your name is added to the International

register you can't change this now this

is something that may be very important

for many people once you have registered

using this process with this address

that address becomes associated with you

as long as you wish to vote for somebody

in a Canadian election that riding that

is associated with that address will be

the writing that you are voting in from

now on until you come back to Canada if

you do come back to Canada you'll need

to know of course the address where you

want to receive your special ballot

voting kit now most people as it

mentions here provide your home address

where whether that be in Japan or France

or Malaysia wherever it might be however

if you don't have a physical address in

place that they can send it to you can

make arrangements with the Canadian

Embassy or consulate to use their as

your mailing address but you have to

contact them beforehand make sure that

you arrange that with them and then you

have to prepare your supporting

documents and your supporting documents

are those that prove your Canadian

citizenship so you can use the pages 2 &

3 of your Canadian passport your

Canadian citizenship certificate or a

card or a birth certificate showing that

you were born in Canada so any one of

those would be sufficient to demonstrate

that you have Canadian citizenship

and then you want to know how you want

to apply so we're suggesting of course

that you apply online so that's what

we're going to do right now the next

step then is simply clicking on the

apply online button make sure you have

those digital images of your passport or

your Canadian citizenship or your birth

certificate again they just have to be

images this is an important privacy

notice for international lectures it'd

be worthwhile to read through this I'm

not going to go for it right now we're

going to hit continue and this is where

we put any information there's a couple

of key parts here that are important to

to note of course your name your gender

your date of birth the language

preference for communication with

Elections Canada that's important your

email address that's important as well

in your Canadian address for voting

purposes so this is where you're going

to put in the physical address of where

you live before or as we've mentioned

before where your parents or your loved

one somebody that that you believe that

you would live with or have lived with

in the past someplace that will be

associated with you again it's important

to remember that even if you move around

as a Canadian expat this address will

remain the same from now on unless you

move back to Canada and then of course

your present mailing address where you

currently exist where you want that

voter kit to be sent to now the next

part here is part that I believe is just

an artifact from before so some of this

it's no longer valid however some of the

questions still exist for example it

says the date you left Canada and the

date you intend to return to Canada now

these were very important before they're

no longer important at all the date you

left canada perhaps they need to know

that you did leave canada because i

would demonstrate that you did

in Canada I suppose but anyway you need

to select a date that you left Canada

and if you intend to live or return and

live in Canada what month and year now

this is something that is a little bit

arbitrary because although it was

required in the past it's no longer

necessary for you to have this

information in order to be able to vote

but it would be good for Elections kind

of to know I suppose the exemption of

five year limit this is no longer

applicable it's grayed out

you can try clicking it and it will not

work you can't click any of these the

registration status you can't click any

of this either it's irrelevant and then

we go down to the images this is where

you will be uploading the images to

prove that you are a Canadian citizen so

only piece of ID authorized by the chief

electoral officer will be accepted and

those what we mentioned before so page

two or three of your passport a copy of

your Canadian citizenship certificate or

a birth certificate so you upload those

files you declare that the following

statements are true and correct and then

you hit submit and that's it from that

point on you are registered as a

Canadian expat voter so with that thanks

very much and if you do have any more

questions feel free to leave a comment

in the bottom so I hope you're able to

find some value in this video clearly as

time goes on the Elections Canada

website will change with different

by-elections and changes in format but I

think this will give you a pretty good

understanding of how you'll be able to

register to be able to vote as a

Canadian living abroad once again thank

you for watching please click

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a few seconds to comment on what you

thought of this video and maybe what

you'd like to see in the future so until