Biome Vote - Which Will be Updated Next?

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[AGNES] Hi there, I'm Agnes. [JENS] And I'm Jens. We're part of the Minecraft team. [AGNES] We are here

to announce this year's big Biome Vote at MINECON Live. [JENS] On September 28th, we

need your help to decide which of these three biomes - [AGNES] Hey, that's my line! [JENS] Sigh.

We need your help to decide which of these three biomes will be updated first.

[JENS] Each biome will have new mobs, features, and mechanics.

Whoa, that tumbleweed almost hit me!

Well, they don't call it the Badlands because of their good manners.

Ooh, this new cactus is fancy. Ouch!

What's that spooky vulture doing?

Vultures are drawn to loot left behind by unlucky explorers.

Not the loot!

Is that a - a boat?

Yes! This boat has a chest built in for all the cool things you find at sea.

And look! It's our new friend, the frog!

Ewww! Actually, we're not that close.

Here's a mangrove, a tree that thrives in the swamp.

We should get out of here, that frog is looking at me funny.


Oh, mountains! Snow!

Watch your step! The snow is snowier than before.

A goat! He reminds me of you a little bit!