How to Vote in Canada

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okay so Canada it's time to go vote it's

really easy you don't need to be

registered in advance and you don't need

one of those voter cards if you're

Canadian and you're 18 or over you're

good to go

hey things to know like where to go

type in your postal code where daughter

licensed Canada info then click where do

I vote find out where to go on Election

Day which is when October 21st and

remember voting times vary based on

where you live so also you can vote at

your polling place before Thanksgiving

weekend or at any elections Canada

office all the way up until the 15th

next what to bring gesture driver's

license or provincial ID that's it as

long as it's got your current address on


if you don't have one bringing two

official things with your name one with

your address like your health cards or

passports or birth certificates or

social insurance card or citizenship

card or certificate or your debit card

or credit card or credit card bill or

bank statement or your phone bill or

Internet bill or electricity bill or

your mortgage statement or mental lease

or employee card for student card or

letter email from your college or

university or a prescription label or

hospital bracelet or a blood donor card

or a library card or Indian status card

or matey card with main forces card or

Veteran Affairs card for public

transport card for fishing license or

hunting license for gun license for tax

assessment or government check or

personal check or letter from your

student residence or senior residence

for shelter confirming you live there or

yeah you can bring that voter card but

you don't need to when you have so many

other options for anything electronic

you don't even need to put it out you

can just show it on your phone if you

still don't have ID go along with

another voter who can vouch for you easy

enough for you don't worry you can get

even easier just snap a pic of your ID

to fill out this form and they'll just

mail you about wherever you are in the

world but remember it needs to get to

them by Election Day if you're not sure

who to vote for you can compare

position all the major parties here or

if you're really in a rush you can try

this quiz to find out how your opinions

match up to each party's position if

you're thinking about voting

strategically to like a part of you is

to do with check here to see if you got

a shot at winning your area remember in

our system you're not voting directly

for Prime Minister but rather your local

representative so find out who's on your

ballot happy voting