Bobcat boom hydraulics and AUX hydraulics

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okay rolling give you a little tour of

the cab here to make sure our

terminology is straight I'm going to

turn the key on this is the upper left

part of the cab the keys in the upper

right of course

here's the right inside switch here's

the trigger right here turns the

hydraulics on and off the oxide relics

on and off the main hydraulics are on

all the time okay left inside down left

inside up left paddle right paddle left

paddle left right paddle right okay and

then up here in this corner of the cab

is this other panel and I want a key on


as you can see we have a switch right

here which is the aux hydraulic flow

press it once it's in low flow mode

press it twice and watch the display

right here what happens high flow mode

okay first of the third time it goes off

just cycles through those three

conditions okay so during the test what

I was doing is pressing this

simultaneously with this button right

here okay so currently when we're in

high flow mode and I press this button

so that aux flow goes off okay

hydraulics should go off but what we

have to do is press the trigger to get

them to go off so my guess is what

they're doing is in this mode here when

this is press they're sending a trigger

signal okay telling it to toggle however

what you have to be careful about is

that if somebody presses somebody has

this on and they have not pressed the

trigger they have not pressed it the

hydraulics will not be on okay you

have to be careful that you don't

because this is a toggle that you don't

actually turn the hydraulics on when

someone presses this so you have to do

an if if this guy here is off then don't

do the trigger but if it's in high flow

if it's in high flow and someone presses

it then toggle the trigger okay because

the reason I say that is because with

this off and you press the trigger

nothing happens because nothing selected

here so I don't know how they're doing

that but I'm sure you can figure it out

okay and that's it and I will start the

thing up and show you here how it works

okay first I must press this button this

button turns on the hydraulics to the


okay so with the now I can lift this

and I can put it down okay

forward and back


now when I turn this on

happens just a selector switch

they are knowledge at high flow now I

want to press the trigger

I've been bringing up from the scrape

the floor

you watch the hoses here you see them

kick we're spinning right now

we're spinning and when I press this

there you saw that you saw that this

hose right here go off let me try that


watch that hose hydraulics bauxite

relics on

okay now watch that host when I when I

press this button

two three there went off

that's why it's supposed to work