(picking 218) BASTA 3 pin bicycle lock picked and autopsied - what a crappy lock

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hello and welcome to this video as

almost every day I ride my bicycle to

the place where I work and today I found

this pasture bicycle lock on the street

um of course it didn't come with it with

a key and yeah I was really excited to

take it home and to play with it to see

how long it takes to get it open

um yeah I was excited but just until I

started playing with it because yeah to

be honest it's I guess it's the worst

luck that I've ever picked and I will

show you what I mean so I apply tension

and you can very easily sing up and pick

it all the way in the pin suite and I

think it's the sweep in block pin three

and pin one in it's open so I can also

rock it I can sip it and it's open and

of course we can of break it so it's

actually open immediately so regarding a

lock security I will probably not

recommend this this lock yeah why do I

show you this this poor little bicycle

lock that's because I want to further

play with it I'm gonna open it up and

look what I can what I can do with this

lock maybe I can modify it so let's see

hold on so it was very easy to get the

two pieces apart adjusted to squeeze the

the lower part of the housing a little

bit and it came off and

when I pulled out the top cover here a

lot of small pieces jumped around which

came out of this hole here it's empty

now you only see a little bit of a

breast piece which is connected to the

to the plug and which moves or turns

when you turn the plug now finally

managed to find them to find the pieces

again on the floor and here they are

it's the locking bolt itself which goes

in like so and then we have the spring

and this top plate which secures to the

spring or should secure the spring you

can see that it's not really a it's not

a tight fit and this was actually held

in place only by the top cover so when

you managed to get off this this top

cover or cut a hole in here cut it or

whatever and which is think pretty

pretty easy the jug the lock just opens

by itself so not very secure also in

disrespective so now we can when I push

it in all the way we can see the locking

bolt inside the hole here see the boat

yeah what else we can now see the this

brass piece here which secures the the

drivers and intended the springs and we

have a retaining pin which prevents the

plug from being pulled out and turned

too far and I wanna try to get off this

brass piece here this top plate and

maybe I can pull out the retaining pin

then we'll take

further apart okay I clamp the lock in

my wise and hopefully this top plate

comes out without any problems hold my

thumb and it could expect some Springs

yeah yeah we have three Springs it's a

three pin lock as I already suspected

here is the top plate and now let's see

if I can oh no first I will pull out the

springs little steel springs

try to pull out the retaining pin so

here are all the pieces in this lock I

finally managed to get out all of them

the retaining pin was the most difficult

part first I wanted to pull it out just

like so but this didn't work and I had

to enlarge the hole and then yeah

retaining pin came out by itself so what

do we have in this lock we have the

three pin stacks with the springs we

have the retaining pin and the plug

that's the groove for the retaining pin

which restricts the turning angle of the

of the block and prevents the plug from

being pulled out and we have to this

cutout here which goes in the in the

edge here of the locking bolt so the

locking bolt is spring-loaded with the

spring and it's being pushed downwards

and it's holding the board from the

cable in place like so and it's

connected to the plug and this groove

when this cut out and now in the plug

turns locking bolt is moved upwards a

little bit and is giving free the bolt

from the cable so now let's have a look

at the pins you can see interestingly

the key pins are a little bit smaller

from the diameter than the drivers and

they are tiny and they are rounded on

both ends so for a manufacturing process

this might be easier and so don't have

to pay attention which way around they

put it in and also the drivers are

rounded on those ends

so this of course makes picking a lot

easier and the tolerances in this locker

are really bad just look at that I can

see the difference in the spacing so

from one to two there is a smaller gap

than from two to three and it's made

really really poor don't know how it

looks like when you insert key pins in

the holes in the chambers you can see

how much how much play they have it's

it's a horrible

so I actually wanted to yeah I wanted to

try if I could improve the picking fun a

little bit by modifying chambers and

pins and so on but I don't think it's

it's worth the effort because when you

have a lock with these bad tolerances I

think you can do what you want and yeah

you will not change the picking behavior

behavior in a remarkable manner well so

then that's it

it was picking here so to speak of this

of this lock and a little bit of an

autopsy I hope you enjoyed it

nonetheless playing with the master

cable bicycle lock thanks for watching

and happy picking bye bye