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well hello everyone and welcome back

today I'm going to be showing you a

quick and easy way to open up a door

using your credit card or a rewards card

such as this now keep in mind this does

damage your card a little bit so try to

use a rewards card or a credit card that

you don't care about anymore because

there's a chance that you like my damage

if not be able to use it now we are

going to be opening up these standard

doorknob locks this does not work on a

deadbolt since there's a bulb going

right through your casing and you can't

open it with a credit card but in most

cases people lock these locks the handle

locks and they're on your front door's

bedroom doors all sorts of all sorts of

doors now this worked for me pretty much

almost on every single door that I've

ever done I think I came across a couple

of them and that was because sometimes

if this is the gap is really tight it's

very hard to get in there so let me show

you how this is done let me actually

lock it for you guys

okay doors locked what you do is you try

to put this card between your door and

your door casing and you're going to be

trying to push that door latch so it's

you know so you're sliding this between

your striking plate and your door latch

and that will push the door latch in and

the door should open now every door is a

little different this one I have no

rubber seal like a front door so this

one's actually a little bit more

difficult than a front door that has a

rubber seal a little buffer that's soft

so what you have to do you can't just

push it in here see it doesn't go in but

if you bend this corner okay in the such

a way okay so what you're trying to do

is you're trying to get it around the

door so you're gonna get it

see I got it around the door now

I slide it towards the lock so the

latches you know pretty much already

cross the door lock push it down and

what you do is you're trying to label

the door and wiggle your card as you're

pushing it at the same time there you go

that's all it is now this saved me in a

lot of different scenarios guys just

carry a extra credit card or extra card

that a dummy card inside your wallet and

you can open things like this now let me

show you how it actually works all right

so here is your striking plate okay

that's where your latch action when you

close the door if clicks pass here and

it locks into this hole and here we have

right here so this latch will actually

go against the striking plate just kind

of like this and see and it will latch

right into that hole so what you're

trying to do is when I'm bending it I'm

trying to go around this because there's

a trim here and get this card in this

position and what I'm trying to do is

while I'm wiggling the door I'm sliding

like this see and it kind of closes that

against the door okay and then the door

just will pop opens well guys hopefully

you enjoyed this quick tip on how to

open the door with a credit card please

do not break into anybody else's house

but use this for yourself if you ever

luck yourself out or if you got your

keys and you have to open up the door

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