Reese Locking Hitch Pin - mpeg4.avi

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all right we have here a Rhys brand

heavy-duty sleeved universal receiver

lock audit Lowe's or Home Depot little

over a year ago used on my Toyota with a

tool bike rack for towing never in bad

weather just to attach the bike rack now

I usually it's no problem but starting

today he goes in the barrel turns and

there's no pump that usually happens

little police's are all can slide in the

spring feels strong but turning doesn't

release it I've sprayed a lock the ice

and lubricant and then the key slot it's

loosen it up but still hasn't the

returned the operation to it and he

might be able to see some plier marks on

a small barrel I tried to pull it out

while turning the key because that's

what usually happen when the key was

turned and that wouldn't it wouldn't

even come out with the force of the

pliers as if the rock is that just that

because if I've got the wrong key that's

the only one I got you haven't go ahead

just stop working there's the key that

goes with it up and up damaged so I I

need to get this off because I'm going

to be parking downtown later this

weekend 800-number was that not

available to give me any help so I'm

going to drill it out and see if they'll

release it

okay ten minutes of drilling you've done

the job a barrel came right out and then

after the debris was cleared the inside

part here was that would spring back and

release the three balls that lock it

onto the pin there so uh that's

obviously done that the hitch can be

removed that's that story