How To Unlock an LG phone - ANY Model LG G7, G6, G8, G7 ThinkQ, etc.

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hey guys and welcome to another video of

unlock panda today I will be doing a

short tutorial video demonstrating how

to unlock any lg phone out there no

matter if your phone it's an Oprah or no

model or the newest model that process

applies applies and it's the same

alright let's go and start with the

process the first thing that you're

gonna have to do is go to that dial

screen in here you will have to press

star hash zero six hash and the 15 digit

number should pop up on your screen

there you go make sure you write down

this number as we will use it in our

next step okay so it's important to

mention that as a process it's not free

there is a small price to pay but

believe me it's totally worth it as you

will be able to use your unlocked phone

with any GSM carrier worldwide alright

so let's go to our browser okay in here

you have to go to the unlock panakam

website and here you will have to

provide some information about the phone

the first thing is that carrier the

original carrier provider so in this

case it's a United States AT&T then

enter the brand or the manufacturer

which is LG and the exact model which is

in my case it's an LG g7 thing then

enter the 15 digit number which you

found out on the previous step then you

have to enter the email address where

you wish to receive the unlock

instructions as well as the unlock code

you have the option to enter a phone to

keep updated and at the bottom you see

the cost and the estimated delivery time

okay so let's go ahead in the next page

you will see a brief summary make sure

that everything looks good and if

everything is correct

you can proceed at the bottom with the

with the payment I'm going to go ahead

and do it through paper you just have to

login with your PayPal account

okay and so you're done with the payment

you should be receiving an email

depending on the delivery time just like

this the email contains detailed

step-by-step instructions and most

importantly the unlock code okay so

let's go back to our phone and we have

to turn it off

now we have to insert an unsupported sim

in my case I have to insert anything

from any GSM network except one from


I'm gonna put one from t-mobile

and then have to turn it on again

so after the phone is completely on when

I try to get in I should automatically

be asked for the unlock code on my case

I already did it so it's not gonna come

up right now

but uh right now is where I should be

looking at this message asking for the

unlock code so just go ahead and enter

the unlock code that you got on your

email and then press my block and that's

it your phone should be completely

factory unlock and you can use it with

any GSM carrier worldwide I hope you

enjoyed the video it was very helpful

and if you have any questions please

write a two-port unlock panda calm okay

see you on the next video goodbye