How To Unlock iPhone 6 From AT&T to Any Carrier

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hey there everyone in this video I'm

going to show you how to unlock your

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description let's get right to the video

now alright so this one is for AT&T

let's go ahead and verify that so here

in the settings carrier AT&T it's going

to remove the SIM card so you see so as

you can see it has the AT&T SIM card

let's go ahead and remove that I'm gonna

show you what happens when you try and

place a different SIM card from another

carrier so we're gonna get this t-mobile

SIM card place it in here okay and we're

gonna place it in the phone alright so

when a phone is locked to a certain

carrier this is what's gonna happen when

you place in a different SIM card it's

going to go to a activation required

screen go ahead and connect to Wi-Fi and

let's try to activate the deep phone

with the new SIM card so this is the

message that you're gonna get it's gonna

say sim not supported and that's because

the phone is locked to AT&T so I'm going

to show you how to unlock it so you can

use it with any other SIM card that you

wish to use it with so let's go ahead

and remove the t-mobile SIM card really

quickly so what we're gonna be using is

this special unlock chip okay we're

gonna have a link in the description

down below where you can get this we're

gonna be using this unlock chip to

unlock the phone and use it with any

company you want to use so in this case

we're gonna be using it with t-mobile so

let's go ahead and place the t-mobile

SIM card back in now with the unlock

chip and then we're also gonna have a

code in the description which we're

gonna be using with the

- okay so once again it's gonna go here

to the activation required screen okay

so have you hit try again it's gonna say

sim not supported once again so here

what we're gonna do is we're gonna hit

the home button we're gonna hit

emergency call and here we're going to

type in star five zero zero five star

seven six seven - star zero pound and

then hit the dial button so this right

here is gonna show up you're gonna

scroll down to edit iccid okay and then

here we're going to type in eight nine

zero one four one zero three two seven

nine five two nine one five by four five

zero and then hit Send okay so it's

gonna say setup okay here hit accept and

then now we're gonna have to restart the

phone so power the phone off and the

good thing here is that you only have to

use that code one time and then as long

as you leave your SIM card with the

unlock chip in there the phone will stay

unlocked so once you're ready power the

phone back on there we go so it's gonna

say activation required once again we're

gonna swipe and connect to Wi-Fi once

again but it should already be connected

so go ahead and hit next and there we go

it picked up the signal it says t-mobile

it looks like we have to do this I'm

going to set up touch ID later

don't add passcode continue get started

the iPhone is unlocked you can use it

normally now it's reading the t-mobile

SIM card it's picking up service and now

you can disconnect from Wi-Fi if you

want and it's gonna still have signal

let's go ahead and check the data so you

see that even the data works let's go to

Google there you go so the font is


let's try make a test phone call

welcome to Comcast so as you can see

you're able to make phone calls and use

that out right away as long as the SIM

card that you put in is activated

all right everyone so I hope this video

helps you out on unlocking your AT&T

iPhone 6

remember there's gonna be a link in the

description where you can get the unlock

chip and also for the latest code for

the unlock chip

alright guys I'll see you around in the

next video and as always peace