Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 - AT&T or any gsm carrier!

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What is up guys? Khristian here!

Today I will show you how to unlock your Galaxy Samsung S7

to use it with any GSM Carrier in the world.

So in this case, my phone is currently locked to AT&T.

So I want to lock it to my Telus Sim card,

or TMobile,

or any other GSM carrier.

So I will show you how to do it.

Now this method will work for any other Samsung Galaxy model out there,

like the Samsung Galaxy S5,


S7, S7 Edge,

or any other Samsung Galaxy phone out there.

Now, it is very simple.

We will do it together, step by step.

I promise you guys by the end of this video

you're going to know a hundred percent

how to do a factory unlock.

on any Samsung Galaxy phone.

You will only need your computer

your phone and a SIM card

Alright, so before we start

I have to mention that unfortunately

you will have to pay something

to unlock this phone, so it's not free

but trust me guys it is well worth it

because you will be able to use your phone

with any GSM carrier in the world

but anyways I will show you the way to unlock it

and then you decide if you want to unlock it or not

Alright, so let's start.

So the first step is to get your phone's IMEA's number

To get your phone's IMEA number simply dial


As you will see your 15 digit IMEA number will appear

This is very, very important

This step is probably the most important step

of the whole unlocking procedure

So keep this number somewhere close

because we will need it later

to generate the unlock code to unlock this phone

Alright, so we will switch to the computer

so once you're in your computer

you will have to go to the website


So on this website we will request the unlock code

to unlock our Samsung Galaxy phone

So we are gonna start by filling in here the information

of the following we want to unlock

And remember this will work for any other Samsung Galaxy phone

It doesn't matter which one it is

So start by selecting the original carrier that your phone

is currently locked

So in my case,

my phone is currently locked to United Stated, AT&T

So I will select that one.

And then you select the brand of the phone you want to unlock.

So of course we will be unlocking a Samsung phone.

So I will click Samsung.

And then you have to write down here, you're exact model.

So, I am going to look for Samsung Galaxy S7

So I just type it there.

And select your right model.

And then,

the most important part

is to enter your 15 digit IME number.

This step is the most important one.

So double check it.

Make sure it is 100% correct.

Because if there is a mistake here this method will not work.

Right, so the final step is to write down your personal email

where you want to receive your unlock code.

So just make sure it is written 100% correct as well.

Now once you have filled in everything

scroll down,

and you will see directions every time,

and the price to unlock your phone.

And we're going to proceed by clicking


So we're going to hit that button.

And on the following page you will see a summary of your order.

So just double check everything.

Make sure it is 100% correct.

Read all the information that says here...

Basically says that your phone will be unlocked.

Don't worry, there are no risks,

your phone will not get damaged.

But there are some things that you will need to consider before unlocking your phone,

like some carriers are not supported,

but anyways.

Just go ahead and read everything here.

And once you're done,

you can proceed to place your order.

I'll see you in a few seconds,

I'll be back after I'm done placing my order.

All right.

So if you did everything correctly you will get a screen just like this

saying that your order was placed, and received successfully.

So now you just have to wait until you get your email with your unlock code.

Now this may take between 1 to 3 business days,

so just be very patient

because sometimes it's very quick,

you get it within an hour,

but sometimes you might get it around 3 business days,

so just be very patient.

And once you have waited this amount of time.

You will get an email just like this...

I will show you how the email will look like.

I will show you the email I received.

I will go to my Gmail account.

And as you can see here,

this is my last email that I got from UnlockRiver

saying that my unlock code is ready.

So if I open the email

you will get this exact same email

just with a different unique code.

So as you can see here,

I just got this email saying my unlock code is ready,

instructions on how to enter the unlock code,

and the most important part:

the actual unlock code.

Now keep in mind that this unlock code will only work one time

for one specific phone.

And it is calculated based on your IMA number.

So I'm going to show you how to enter this unlock code into your phone.

So we're going to switch cameras here.

And we will switch back to the phone.

So once you have received your unlock code in the email

Go ahead, and power off your device.

And insert a non-supported SIM card.

A non-supported SIM card can be any other SIM card that is different from the original carrier.

So turn off you phone, insert a non-supported SIM card,

and once you power it on again,

it will detect that you have inserted a non-supportive SIM card.

So you will get the message saying that your network is locked,

or something requesting an unlock code.

So go ahead and insert your unlock code you received in the email.

And hit UNLOCK!

So if you did everything correctly,

you will get the message, unlock successful.

Or network unlocked succesful.

Or something confirming that the lock code was accepted.

And that's it guys.

Your phone should be now, fully factory-unlocked,

and ready to be used with any carrier in the world.

Thanks for watching guys!

That's all for today.

That's how you unlock the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

I hope you like this video guys.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section down below.

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Thanks for watching.

See you guys later.

Take care.