How To Unlock Apple Watch from Unknown Passcode | Remove Apple Watch Password

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what's up everyone this is Jared tech

and today I'm gonna teach you guys on

how to unlock and get rid of the

passcode on your Apple watch when you

freak out or you just don't remember

your passcode this tutorial is super

easy and only takes a few minutes so

let's get started

the first step you just want to hold

down the power button and then after the

screen pops up you want a long press on

the power button and then after a few

seconds you just let go and then this

screen right here saying erase all

content and settings will pop up just

click yes and it's gonna ask you to

connect to a power source so right here

I'm gonna take off my Apple watch I have

the power source right here after I

connected to the charger this

confirmation message just pops up just

saying are you sure you want to continue

and release all settings and data on the

Apple watch and you just want to click

yes then after that it's gonna take

about anywhere from like two to five

minutes depending on what generation of

your Apple watch if it's the first

generation of course it's gonna be a

little slower and right now it's just

deleting all the information off the

Apple watch and it's resetting it back

to factory settings so it's gonna be as

if you're taking the Apple watch out of

the box for the very first time you have

to select your language and set it up

with your iPhone once you have gone

through the setup process and linked up

the Apple watch to your iPhone you're

all set to use your Apple watch just

like normal and without the passcode

well that's it for the super simple

tutorial on how to get rid of and remove

the passcode on your Apple watch if this

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and this is your tech signing off peace