Jailbreak the Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV [COMPLETE TUTORIAL]

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hi everyone this is David back with a

new video today we're doing a tutorial

for how to jailbreak the Amazon fire TV

stick and the fire TVs I know that's not

the technical name for it but this

process has pretty much adopted that

term basically what we're doing is

downloading some apps on our fire

devices that's going to let us get free

TV shows movies and I even have an app

today to show you that gives you live TV

and sports I've done tutorials like this

in the past but they're kind of outdated

so that's why I'm doing this video I'm

gonna go through the whole tutorial step

by step so even if you have no

experience with this stuff you'll be

able to follow me easily and get it done

so with all that being said we're gonna

get started with the video I hope you

guys enjoy so starting out on the Amazon

fire sticks homepage you're just gonna

go all the way to the settings menu in

the top right you're gonna go down and

then over into my fire TV and in this

menu you're gonna see developer options

we're going to click that and then we're

going to turn on apps from unknown

sources by clicking on it and clicking

turn on and then we're going to turn on

ADB debugging as well and we can just

hit the home button after that from here

you go to the search in the top left and

you type in downloader so d-o-double you

and you should see it as a little

recommendation down here already you can

click on that and this orange one here

is exactly what we're looking for it so

click that one and you're going to

download it if you have problems

downloading it it's because you don't

have your payment methods set up through

your Amazon account that you're logged

into and Amazon requires that even if

you're downloading a free app so when

it's done downloading just click on open

and ignore all these little pop-ups and

things what we're gonna do now is type

in a URL into this section here right

where it says HTTP we're gonna put our

URL and this is what we're gonna put

it's going to be b.i.g dot

l.y forward slash file link fire TV

alright if your URL looks exactly like

mine does you can click on go in the

bottom right and it'll immediately start

a download of an app that we need called

file linked and you'll get a pop-up like

this you go down to the bottom right and

click on install and you basically wait

a couple of seconds it'll say app

installed then you go on to open right

when you open this app you're going to

want to go down where it says enter code

and I have a code to give you the code

is one four seven two zero eight nine

six so once again one four seven two

zero eight nine six when you type that

in you can click Next in the bottom

right then you can click on continue and

you'll know that it's selected when it's

that mint green color so click continue

and now you'll have my own custom page

where I have all these apps so you'll

get this little custom message here from

myself just asking you to subscribe to

my youtube channel and I also put

updates here if something stops working

or etc so you can click this miss when

you see that and when this pop-up comes

up you can also hit dismiss so here is

kind of like a miniature app store and

we're going to need this first app

called MX player that one's important

it's going to allow us to play the

videos that we're streaming so just

click the download button there it's a

pretty fast download and when it's done

that button turns into a little play

button and you can click that again and

you'll get this go on scroll down and

then click install so when it's finished

you'll get the message that says app

installed if you see app not installed

that means you probably already have MX

player on your device which is fine you

can just click done and now we want to

go down this is the app called ipvanish

which is a VPN which I do recommend you

to how

if you don't know how to set that up

it's super easy but I have a whole

nother video that I'll just leave in the

description for you to follow and

basically this thing lets you be

anonymous so that your internet service

provider can't see what you're doing as

well as the sites and apps you visit

you're basically anonymous on the

internet so I do recommend that and if

you want to download it you can click on

the download and do the same exact thing

as we just did wait for it to download

hit the play button go down click

install and then you can click done all

right so here is one of the important

apps for today's video and that is

called cinema or cinema apk or cinema TV

some people call it is basically like a

video on-demand service kind of like a

Netflix but it's got a bunch of TV shows

and a bunch of movies even the newest

stuff all for free so we're gonna

download that by clicking the download

button then clicking the play button and

then clicking install so this app has

kind of taken over the old apps like

touring MTV and Cody and stuff like that

and this one's been working for a very

long time it's what I use the most and

it works great so for now we're gonna

hit done we're not gonna open it yet

because we have this other app here

called live NAT TV and this actually has

live TV and sports so let's download it

and once again when it turns to a play

button click that go down click install

alright so once this is done we're just

gonna click the home button on our

remote and you'll notice that we don't

have those two apps here yet what you

need to do is just go down to the second

row here that's called your apps and

channels then just go all the way to the

right click see all and go to the bottom

so here's our two apps what you need to

do is press the three horizontal line

button on your remote control and you'll

see some options show up on the right

we're gonna click move to front and I'm

going to go back down and do it for the

other one move the front so you can

click the home button again and now

you'll see those two apps right here so

there's still some important stuff to

show you first I'm going to show you

cinema and

going to show you what I do to set it up

and then after this I'll show you the

other one with how to properly set up

the live TV and stuff so the first time

you launch the app you get a disclaimer

you can click accept on that and you'll

get a little update information you can

scroll all the way down through that and

press ok and this is the home page of

the app where it's on the TV shows if

you want to switch it to movies you go

to the top left and click that and then

click movies but before we try a movie I

want to show you some settings that you

might want to change so we're going to

go to that menu in the top left go down

to settings so you'll see this first

option in the settings menu called

choose default player we downloaded MX

player earlier and that's the one we

want to use so make sure to click that

and switch to MX player on the choose

poster image size this is your

preference you can make the picture of

the movie on the home page small or you

can make them extra large I keep it on

large it looks nice that way as you can

see here and back in the settings menu

you're going to want to go to choose

default play action so every time you go

to play a movie it's going to ask you

these options and if you just want to

skip that and play the movie right away

just go through here and set it to play

it just saves you some time in the

future and that's it for the settings so

let's try out a movie let's say I want

to watch Avengers end game we're gonna

click that and you'll see there's a

little play button that shows up right

in the middle over the picture there so

you can click that and it'll play the

best stream that I've found if you go to

the right section here there's a list of

all the streams available for example

the top best ones are in 4k if you don't

have fast internet you might not want to

stream a 4k movie so you can go down and

do the 1080p ones or you can do 720p

there'll be less quality of an image but

it might be better in terms of lagging

and buffering so that's the process for

watching movies but for the TV shows

it's slightly different so I'm going to

show you that real quick you're going to

go to the menu in the top left switch to

TV shows let's say I want to watch cops

so I click on it and you're presented

with the seasons first so you click a

season that you want to watch let's say

season 31 and then you pick

episode so season 31 episode 3 if I want

to watch that I click that then I go

down and click the play button so that's

pretty much it for the cinema app so now

I'm going to show you the other app live

net TV and so we're going to go down and

open that up when you first launch the

app it usually has some update so just

go ahead and click update now and it

should just take a couple of seconds all

right and go down and hit install

alright so once it's done just go ahead

and click open press the down arrow

until you hit continue and then it'll

prompt you to uninstall the previous

version of live Knut TV so you can press

OK on that and then press ok again and

that's it so when you first are on the

app you're gonna get a bunch of foreign

TV channels and shows so what I do is go

up to the Settings icon in the top right

here and go down to hide countries for

me I'm gonna hide everything except for

International and United States this is

a personal preference for you so I found

that if you only leave United States

unchecked there is still some United

States type channels that you would be

missing out on so make sure to uncheck

international as well so go down and

press ok while you're in the settings

menu you also want to go down to video

player down here and click that and make

sure it's set to MX player the same one

that we're using for cinema and then you

can press the back button it'll say

please wait as it updates your settings

and here we go so we've got a any ABC

there's a bunch of channels I'm sure you

guys recognize here and if we wanted to

watch any of them let's say we want to

watch a and E you just click on it and

it'll have usually a couple different

links that you can click just start with

link 1 if that one doesn't work well go

to link 2 so I'm going to click link 1

and if you're wondering

sports go up to the top tabs here and

you can go over to the sports tab and

then if you scroll down you'll see some

known channels like ESPN Fox Sports and

things like that so between those two

apps you should be good to go

you got TV shows movies live TV and

sports if this video helped you make

sure to leave it a thumbs up and maybe

share with your friends and as a

reminder if you want to learn how to get

the VPN setup just check the description

there's a video there that I made a

while ago that walks you through it

that's it for now hope you guys have a

good day thank you for watching I'll see

you guys next time