How to Remove Password from PDF File – No App (Easy)

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hey guys welcome back again hope you're

doing well I'm mg in this video I'll

show you how to remove password from the

video file

so before I start let me tell you one

thing this trick only works when you

know that you are password for example I

have a pastor profile here and each time

I have to type this password to open

this file okay so I want to remove the

password production okay so just follow

the easy stuff first open the video file

like this and then press ctrl P to go to

print option like this and here on the

printer select Microsoft print to PDF

and then select all and simply click on

print okay now we the file name I will

do it our like final like this and save

it okay close it now we have say one

file so just open it and boom that's it

your password is gone so this is an easy

way to remove the password protected

video file that's it it's very simple

like the tens here there's a buffer

product file it need password I have

created one more file this one so it's

already remove the password so that's it

it's a very easy way thanks for watching

guys catching it for you please like

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