How to Unlock iPhone 7 without Apple ID/Activation Lock

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in this tutorial we'll be talking about

how to quickly unlock iphone 7

without knowing its passcode and apple


if you are given the device purchased it

second hand

or forgot the account credentials you

might be facing not only the lock screen

but the activation lock after unlocking

the device

in this video i'm happy to introduce you

a simple way to bypass both the lock


and activation lock involving two tools

i'm going to use in this video

okay let's start with the lock screen

to remove it get 4uki on your computer

there's a link in the description if

you'd like to download

then you'll see the unlock lock screen

passcode section

click on it then we'll see a start


then we'll get to this screen let's

navigate to iphone 7 or 7 plus tab

and start following this three steps to

put the phone into recovery mode

for iphone 7 is press and hold both the

side and volume down button

and release them when you see the

connect to computer icon

it just detected your device model and

matched the latest ios for it

go ahead and hit download then you'll

get the firmware on your computer

let's click on the start unlock button

and it'll be removing the passcode with

a progress bar reflecting the process

we literally don't have to do anything

during this other than keeping a good




okay now it says the passcode has been

removed successfully

and we can see the device is restarting

a moment later

when the hello screen shows up we can go

on the setup process


and then as expected we'll see the

activation lock

it could be easy to get past this if we

know the credentials

but in this video i assume you don't

that's why i'm showing you the second

part here

bypass the activation lock without the

apple id and password

to pull it off we'll need to install the

second tool

for me key then click the blue button on

each screen

till we get here it's suggesting a


and links you to a tutorial it breaks

down all the steps for a jailbreak on


let's give it a shot first download the

checrine iso

file then the rufus file

once completed run rufus

then plug a blank usb thumb drive into

the computer

then select checrine

and start creating the bootable drive

make sure to tick the right in dd

image mode option then we are good to go


okay now we should restart the computer


and when it boots up hit the f12 key to

enter boot options

now select the usb storage device hit

enter to boot from there


now we should see the checrin jailbreak

program go ahead and hit start

the device will be put into recovery

mode first hit next to proceed

once in we can follow the instructions

to put the phone into dfu mode

for iphone 7 is press and hold both the

side and volume down button for 4


then release the side button while

holding the volume down button for

another 10 seconds

and the jailbreak will be carried out

after that


once done you'll see the hello screen


then what we are going to do is restart

the computer

and start removing the activation lock

using for me key

this time we'll see the start remove

button by clicking on it

we'll witness the magic of for me key


okay now it's saying the icloud

activation lock has been removed


let's get back to the device and check

it out

well now you should notice the

difference this time the data and

privacy screen has appeared

which means activation lock is no longer

there blocking the way

let's move on

now you should see the apple id sign in


and you can just simply skip it and head

right into the home screen

then in settings we notice the apple

account has been signed out

that's it thanks for watching i'll leave

the links in the description

in case you want to give it a try see

you in the next video