How To Unlock Motorola Moto G4 - In 5 minutes!

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hey everybody my name is Scott I want to

show you how to unlock your moto g4 okay

this is a tmobile moto g4 so we're going

to remove our screen and start it up

first thing we need to do when we're

unlocking a phone like this is go to our

phone application and dial in star pound

zero six pounds our pound zero six pound

and that's going to give us our I'm a

number it's 15 digits long and you want

to make sure that you write that down

exactly check it once or twice okay open

up your favorite browser and go to WWE

unlock panda comm this way you don't

need to plug your phone into your

computer you don't need to do any sort

of difficult hacking or routing of the

device it's simple it's easy it's legal

so we're going to select our carrier you

can either scroll down or you can type

in so we're in the United States we're

going to scroll down to t-mobile then

select the manufacturer that's the

manufacturer of the phone and the Moto G

4 is a Motorola phone so you can start

typing that in or scroll there it is and

then we're going to select the model of

our phone now we have the g4 here but

you don't need to be you don't need to

have one of the big name phones ok this

is going to work for hundreds of

Motorola phones here all right so we're

going to scroll down to Motorola g4

there's a couple versions ours is the

play on t-mobile so we select that type

in the I'm a number we got from dialing

star pound zero six pound and the email

address to which we want the

instructions sent to when this is

finished okay when we get everything in

there we're going to click unlock now

you see it says one to four business

days and there is a price to it it's not

free but it's totally worth it so you

can use your phone on whatever GSM

network you want to use your phone on so

we're going to make sure that everything

here in the shopping cart is correct and

when we're sure that everything is

correct we go to PayPal so we're going


is PayPal to checkout so that everything

is secure and you don't have to worry

about giving out your credit card

information it's all through PayPal once

that process is you're going to get an

email that looks like this and the

instructions to follow plus the unlock

code so you're going to either keep this

email open or you're going to write that

down as we go through the process first

thing power off the phone it was right

there in the email okay once our phone

is completely powered off we need to put

in a new SIM card for whichever GSM

carrier we want to use so it's in the

back here it's pretty easy to get to you

can see the two cards they're microSD

and SIM card we're going to put in our

new SIM card for the GSM network of our

choice and then replace the back cover

so the next step is to turn the phone

back on and it will take just a couple

of seconds for the phone to restart here

but it's your phone you paid for it it

has all your apps on it it has all your

information on it if you're moving or if

you're traveling you want to use it on a

different network you should be able to

do that instead of just getting a

tracfone or a go phone okay so once you

have your new SIM card in and your new

unlock code put in there it's unlocked

you are now on a brand new GSM network

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