How to: Open the Trunk on a 2015 Convertible Camaro if its LOCKED!

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today I just want to make a quick video

how to open up the trunk on a 2015 Chevy

convertible Camaro so if your battery's

dead or your trunk button doesn't work

there's a way to access your trunk

without having to press that you will

need your key here on the driver rear

there's a little slot for your key to go

in go grab a flashlight real quick and

there are this the keys all the way in

here what you do is turn it you can hear

it unlock pull the key out open up the

truck Suites this is in case your truck

doesn't open or you need to change out

the battery doing this vehicle because

the battery it's located under the spare

tire you kind of see sweets well that's

how you open up the trunk thank you for

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