How unlock your trunk (lost key) Ford Mustang 2011-2014

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hey guys today uh we have a 2011 ford

mustang we had a customer

uh who actually called us his car got

stuck in the parking lot

um what happened is he went to you know

he unlocked his trunk went to go get

something out of it

accidentally left the keys in there and


closed the trunk back up so truck trunk

wouldn't open

you know he called us and we figured

this is something that happens often so

uh we could show you

how to unlock your trunk if you lock the

keys in there this goes for

any 2011 and 2014 mustang

so basically the way it works is

you're gonna go on your passenger side

kick panel and there's a fuse box there

so theoretically there's a relay for the

trunk release but the relay i believe is

internal to the actual fuse box

so what you got to do is this connector

right here

you got to take it off you got to push

on the tab

push down on it and then the connector

just comes right out

i took this top piece off to verify it

was the right connector but

on the actual connector you're looking

for a

brown and red wire

this is the brown and red wire um

what you can do what you have to do is

basically jump over to this wire

so we have our assistant here he's going

to stretch out the wire

for the battery or you can just get

power from the fuse box either or

whatever works best

if you have somebody who can help you

just jump out to the battery positive

and the power bring over to this wire

there we go that's our trunk

just released

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