How to unlock you GM Chevy GMC Truck with a STICK

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hey guys making this video cuz uh keys

are locked in my truck both doors are

locked I can't get in through the back

window and I got to get the door open

I don't have a spare set before the door

lock and I've gotten into these trucks

before with slim jims and and a long

screwdriver so what I'm gonna try to do

is get into it today with a stick

I'm not calling a locksmith I'm not

gonna wait and pay a hundred bucks so I

don't have I don't have a slim jim I do

have a screwdriver but I'm gonna try to

do this with a stick just to see if it

can be done you may be out there in the

woods or on the road somewhere and don't

have tools and I don't know might might

work we're gonna give it a try so what

I'm gonna do is first we go take this

piece off old piece of rag but what we

gotta do is we gotta spread this this

comes out a little bit and then we know

I'll push in a little bit you don't want

to push it too hard you don't want to

break the glass but um I'm gonna put the

camera down for a minute and I'm gonna

get this in there all right so I got it

in got a nice sized gap down in there so

I'm gonna go get a stick

what you want to do is is get one now

it's winter here in this tree is still

alive but you want to get one that's

thin enough to get in that space but has

like a fork on it there's like a fork

between there so you can cut this end

off cut this end off and it kind of

makes like a fork you're gonna have to

cut it up about a foot or break the

stick off and you gotta shave off all

these other little things here but

ultimately you want to get this fork so

I'm gonna cut this thing off and see if

I can get a good alright so there's that

fork that I was talking about I shaved

it down got it as thin as I could with

my knife it's about about you long

really you're just trying to get down

from here right behind this block and

I'll show you what I'm gonna take this

door apart later I'm gonna show you what

it looks like inside so you know what

you're kind of doing there but and it's

a real pain to take this this door apart

but there's there's like a little silver

bar that's connected to this to the door

lock mechanism and it goes at about an

inch and a half and then it's connected

to a little bar that goes down and that

goes right to your door lock actuator

that actually shuts the door it's like

that little pincher thing that's inside

there and if you can push down on that

silver little bar it'll push down on

that and and it should pop the lock

it's taking a lot longer than I thought

it would Oh is right there there it is

I did it with a stick chewed the hell

out of the stick but if you're in a jam

you can do it it takes a little bit of

patience took me a little while but you

can do it I don't know if you could do

it on any other vehicles but these old

box body or square body Chevy's or GM

trucks 88 maybe 94 you should be able to

do it so hope this helps please

subscribe okay so this right here is

what you're going to be pushing on you

can see there's the door lock and the

handle so when you slide it down in

there you're gonna try to push down on

this and this will be connected to a

little rod here that goes down to the

door lock actuator and that will release

the door lock so that's what it looks

like inside out of the truck