How to Win EVERY 4 Star Spirit Battle and Get 9.9 on Classic Mode! [Smash Bros Ultimate]

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two of the hardest things right now in

Super Smash Brothers ultimate is beating

a four star spirit and getting nine

point nine scale rating in classic mode

what's up guys I'm landing and I'm here

today to tell you exactly how to do just

those two things and now let me tell you

right now these methods aren't a hundred

percent you know you'll die a couple

times trying to do this but it is the

most easiest and most effective way that

I've found so far so let's get right on

into it so starting off with the spirits

now obviously you go through one two and

three stars fear is pretty handily and

then you'll see in three star it gets a

little bit difficult but the 4-star

spirits are ranked up to the max don't

either have multiple characters fighting

you but whatever it is the CPUs are just

ranked up they can read your text they

can read your roles they can read you

trying to grab or even Lee you're trying

to hit them with a smash attack and when

they have their smash attacks they can

hit it almost a hundred percent of the

time because the characters are

programmed to do that they're programmed

to not miss so the there's only a couple

ways to actually do this you can go to

all these of these spirits and just

fight them regularly but it won't work

all the time because these computers are

programmed to dodge everything that you

throw at them except for specific moves

that they continue to land in and one of

those moves is candy Dee Dee's up B yes

that's right

pick King Dedede up put your spirits up

you know and now there's no specific

spirits that I really use with candy DD

I just use you know the Reno I picked on

whatever's best for that spirit battle

itself because it may be you know fog or

something that you may not know because

I cannot go through all the lists of

spirits is just too many but I set my

spirits accordingly to whatever they

prefer it to be it and then I just go to

up be heaven with candy Dee and it works

all the time I'd I very rarely using

this method because the CPU gets tired

of waiting for you to come down and

he'll come right

you so you can just keep crashing on top

of them and it is just a method that I

it's so easy to use it's so user

friendly and it keeps you protected

because of that super armored day when

you go up it's really hard to beat now

if it is a stamina battle it does make

it a little harder because they do start

to chip at you but this is so perfect

even for battles where there's tons of

different characters on the battlefield

for instance like the next one there's

like seven neces on you and you need to

just start clapping the runner would

because I trust me you will not beat

these guys any other way but then this

upbeat is upbeat will just completely

hit all of them at multiple times and

you'll just continue to rack up damage

that way






now moving on the classic mode handy DB

isn't the best option here let me

explain why classic mode really comes

down not only to the characters that you

fight and that line up but to the final

boss because let me tell you Master Hand

and crazy hand on high 9 intensity is

very and I mean very hard they hit like

a ton of bricks and they do not let up

so I really do not recommend picking a

character that has those bosses at the

end now I don't really have a list on me

right now but if I can find one I'll put

it up on the screen now of all the

bosses that you'll play with each

character but I've found some of the

other bosses to be a lot easier and

pretty much any other boss besides

Master Hand and crazy and any boss that

doesn't have two different phases

maybe not Dracula or stuff like that or

maybe not rathalos since he can be kind

of tough but bosses like Marx and like

I'm not to say now Gollum is really good

for this classic mode so will I pick was

wolf this method actually came from my

friend Eli he was actually exploring and

finishing and finding things telling

himself and he found this method to be

the best and it was the best for me only

took me two tries to do this but pick

wolf and mow your way through the lineup

it shouldn't be too hard it's all all of

his themes is based upon characters that

are coming back from past games so

they're all really one character that

you have to beat so just spam some smash

attacks and you should be fine snake at

the end will be the hardest but once you

start hitting him a lot you'll get used

to it you can pin him against the walls

and start beating them up against the

wall a lot but finally when you get to

the end you'll come against golem and

you should be ready to go you should be

good and this should be your last battle

until you get 29.9 now wolf has a very

special side be that when you sweet spot

it on an opponent it hurts like a mug so

luckily for you golems head is poking

out at a perfect angle so that side B

will continue to hit him and you don't

need to just hit his head you can side B

into his body as well but you can

completely devastate him in just a

couple of seconds with this side B and

you can also confuse him by going back

and forth on either side of his body

with the side B and he will you know

mess around and try to hit you and you

know get really confused so you can

honestly just spam side B and it

probably wouldn't hurt you too much








and just like that you reach your 9.9

intensity level and you get that dreaded

challenge you've been working for hard

for for so long so it feels good to

finally unlock that myself like I said I

thank my friend Eli he'll probably be

down there in the comments you'll see

him but he completely helped me out with

that one but yeah King Dedede is the way

to go with spirits I found out to be

really useful especially there in the

main story mode of world of light

he came and cut so many times whenever I

couldn't beat his spirit call out the

DDD he came in he got the job done it

was always pretty pretty useful you know

he's got the super armor like I said and

it's hard if you still are finding

yourself getting beat I recommend some

healing spirits that will heal you when

your percentage gets really low or

really high depending on if it's stock

or stamina or also some spirits that

prevent you from flinching when you get

hit there's some tank spirits that are

really Hopi where you know no matter how

many times you get hit you don't flinch

but you do take damage so watch out for

that but that is really it if you guys

have any more questions or you found any

easier ways to beat to intensity 9.9 or

beat four star spirits then let me know

in the comments below what your guys

message was I would love to hear what

you guys did and if it was easier than

mine I'd share those as well so thank

you guys for tuning in you guys are

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information to share with you guys with

Smash Bros I've been really practicing

with a lot of characters and I want to

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