Pokemon Let's Go how to get into Viridian City gym

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everyone welcome back to more Pokemon

let's go action so I've just managed to

get access to Viridian City Gym having

been blocked from it pretty much the

entire way around the game so I'm going

to take you through how I managed to get

access and get into Viridian City Gym

and everything that you need to do along

the way and there is a lot it's not

something that just opens up early on in

the game it's very much rice at the end

of the game that you'll get access to it

so this possibly going to be a few

spoilers in this so if you don't want to

get anything sport for you you might

want to look away and tell you a little

bit further into the game maybe you'll

write at the end but as you can see from

the screen I've just completed Cinnabar

Island gym and now Bob who is my like

rival / trainer buddy from next door and

he's come to tell you that you need

eight badges to get into the Pokemon

League which we've kind of already knew

having tried to get in there a little

bit earlier on so the last one is

Viridian City so as you can see I've

managed to complete all of the other

gyms except for this one and that's

really important so now that I've

completed Cinnabar Island gym and I've

completed all the other gyms around

Kanto I'm gonna head on over to to

Viridian City Gym to see what's going on

having taken out everything and having

had that little scene with Bob so now

I'm gonna fast travel on over to for

Rhydian city so there's Pallet Town and

Freddy in City was the next one up so he

kind of you had this problem really

early on in the game you didn't know how

to get into Viridian City Gym and it's

literally not until the very end that

you get to find out so I've managed to

make it back to Viridian City I've taken

out all the other gyms now I'm gonna go

on over to the gym and you can see

things are a little bit different Bob's

at the door but it's still locked and he

tries everything trying weird like

incantations but obviously they do not

work and then he's like hey how long

have you been standing there long

DUS long enough so essentially he's then

gonna say something else needs to be

done and you've got to kind of figure

out what it is that you need to do so he

kind of thinks that we need to go

somewhere else before we can get into

Viridian City Gym so firstly the first

thing that you need to know is that

you've got to take out all of the other

seven gyms before coming back here and

then when Bob or your rival has this

chat with you you need to head on back

to see Professor Oak who will then give

you access to for Rhydian city gym so

you kind of head on back and and blues

there and then after that little

sequence you get this one with Pikachu

where he heads off and randomly has a

chat with this girl standing in the

flowers and she will tell you that

Viridian City Gym the leader is back so

you can head on over there and she says

it's the secrets oh that's right the

Viridian City Gym Leader came back to

the gym at last that's what everyone's

talking about so now you can head on

back to for Rhydian city gym and take on

the leader to pick up your eighth badge

which will allow you to get through to

the Pokemon League so now I'm just gonna

go back into the town map and fast

travel back on up to Viridian city it

definitely makes you work hard to get

into the Viridian City Gym so once you

get back up there and and you get back

in front of the gym you should see

things are slightly different however

this is like happy pap this is if you've

already taken out all of the other gyms

if you haven't then stay tuned because

I'll take you through some of the things

that you need to know to be able to take

on the other gyms around Kanto before

you can eventually come here and unlock

Viridian City Gym so the first thing

that you need to know is that if you

want to get in to vermilion City Gym

you'll need to use the chopped down tree

move to be able to get access to it and

if you haven't already gotten that you

can check out the link above to find out

how you get the chop down tree and

they'll give you access to this gym

however there's still a puzzle to do

when you get in here you'll actually see

electric kind of like currents in front

of the gym leader you won't be able to

get past until you work out the puzzle

and there are a series of like bins in

the room which I'm going to show you in

a little second but there's like a

couple of different colored ones that

are slightly confusing you can see

there's a blue one and a red one but

it's the two simple ones in front of the

gym leader that you need to click on to

to bring down his electric shield and

that will essentially hit switches and

there's two of them the two simple bins

right in front of him this one and this

one and that's it next up you've got

saffron city gym which is blocked by one

of the team rocket grunts now to be able

to get past this one you actually need

to head on further down and around to

get into sylco and make your way all the

way through that entire entire dungeon

area it's not dungeon it's like this

really high-rise building you got got to

make your way up but it feels like a

dungeon as you're making way through so

you've got to get in here and make your

way through all of that and once you've

done that you'll then be able to get

into saffron city gym now if you're

having any difficulty making it through

sylco you can check out our walkthrough

on this with the links above and that'll

show you how to make it through the

entirety of sylco and then once you do

finally get into saffron city gym you'll

need to do this little puzzle which is a

teleportation puzzle so essentially once

you get up to this level it's just

making it up to this one at the top and

that will see you through Hooper final

battle with the leader

so that's saffron city gym and and it's

kind of like a difficult one but the

next difficult one is Cinnabar Island

gym and to get this one you'll need to

do the mansion so there's a mansion just

a couple of buildings to the left of the

gym and you've got to make it all the

way through that mansion and again once

you do that and make it to the very

bottom floor and pick up the keycard

you'll finally get access to cinnabar

island gym and be able to take on the

leader and completes the final gym to be

able to get into four

in city gym which is where I started

things off at the very beginning of this

video so that's it guys that's

everything that you need to know or

certainly the main points about how to

get into Viridian city gym hopefully

that helps you out and if it does drop

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