DBX 2 - Break level 85 to 90 (Easy Process)

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welcome back to another J a video gaming

guys and today we're bringing you d be

x2 that's right we're back with another

video for the Dragon Ball universe and

also just to let you guys know we did

update our new name for the channel so

it's not gonna be J a gaming from now on

it's gonna be time benders guys so we

felt like we should we should switch

that so we did and we just did it today

so just to let you guys know that

happened all right and so today's video

is gonna be about it's gonna be about

leveling up from 85 to 90 and how to

break that break that and stuff so I

just I haven't been on this game for a

while now and I I just started so and I

did break level 85 just now so I just

got I just want to show you guys what it

would look like when you break level 85

to 90 so I just broken that so here I'm

gonna show you what's gonna happen just

say all right I'm just gonna

fast-forward this video guys until I get

to the entrance so here we go and just

make sure you go to gurus house it's

right near the area where I'm going

right now so just follow it there we go

almost there alright and here we are

and so just teleport in and then find

gurus house it should be the literally

the house only house so just get in

there so that house so just get in there

and then gue should be available to talk

to let's see here yeah there it is yep

there is so you see that question mark

on the top of his head you just need to

talk to him and then he'll be able to

break that level 85 to 90 for you guys

so it's just a lot it's just like the

last time when we

broken from 80 to 90 80 to 90 85 so it's

just the same process guys you just need

to do it again just make sure you guys

start getting XP to level from 80 to 85

and then once you hit 85 this they will

tell you you know to go to goo and do

this process so as you guys can see I

just broke in from 85 to 90 I haven't

been playing this game for a while now

so I'm a kind of behind but for those

who don't know how to do this and you

know new comers and there you go alright

so that's it for this video guys so I do

want to thank you for watching it and

then if you guys have any question

comment down below hit that like button

if you liked it and subscribe to this

channel and that's it for this video

guys and I will see you guys on the next

one peace out