Cities Skylines 81 Tiles Mod Tutorial

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i'm zardis and let's play city skylines

today we are going to have a very brief

tutorial on how to use the

81 tiles mod so this mod once you have

subscribed to it

will show up in your content manager so

you can go in here to content manager

and then go to mobs and then just search


81 tiles

and you want to hit on now options

are to unlock all tiles for free that

happens when you are in the game you can

hit that button

or the danger zone this is only for

saves that were related to the sunset

harbor update

uh we don't need to worry about that but

let's go ahead and

load up a new game and then we'll take a

look at the mod

okay so we are now in a brand new save

and if you wanted to go down here to


you would find that you can't buy

anything and that is because

we do not have any towers unlocked

through the milestones now when you have

the biostones enabled

you still have to unlock tiles

individually at the

milestones but once you get to the final


every tile is available so if you want

to progress through the milestones and

only start unlocking more tiles once you

get to the

nine tiles mark then you can do that

otherwise you can come up to options

and then go to 81 tiles and hit that

unlock all timers for free

and then you'll want to give the game

maybe about 15

20 seconds or more depending on how fast

your computer is

to actually go in and unlock all of the


but now we should have as soon as this


there we go all tiles are available

so we can go out and we can build

anywhere on this map now

as if the tiles were unlocked because

they are and if you go to areas now

it will show you everything is available

now the downside is that the game

uh generates or renders things


when the tile is unlocked so if you have

a computer that can't handle a whole lot

of uh graphics then you want to

wait a little bit and like i should say


you don't want to do 81 times all at

once you'll want to just

use the mod in a way that you unlock

just the timers that you need and just

don't feel

limited to the nine times then but if

you do have a computer that can handle

the whole thing

then go ahead and do it the other thing

is that

there is a reason why the game is

limited to nine times and that is


if your city gets too big in terms of


then it will really drain your system so

unlock the whole map but keep in mind


you still have to keep your city limited

to what your

computer can handle so now we're going

to have a cut real quick and then we're

going to

uh see how to unlock the tiles


so if you want to be able to unlock all

of the tiles

individually from the very beginning

what you'll want to do is

also have the mod which comes with the


unlock all for progression milestones

are always unlocked that is

in the base game itself so then when you

start a game every tile will be


for you to choose from let's take a

quick look at a different map okay so

this time when we loaded the game

all of the milestones have been unlocked

so now we can come in

and we should be able to buy as many

times as we want

just by going around and buying whatever

things we want to buy

so like here you can see we're getting

all the way out of

the range of what would have been

available and so

like we could just do that and then we

could come in here

and everything's available now one thing

to keep in mind

is that as you're doing it this way

notice that it still costs money

and so the price keeps going up so one

thing to

remember is that by buying them this way

you have to budget for that

but other than that that is how the uh

mod works so i hope that answered any

questions you have

about the 81 tires mod and i hope you

stick around

in this series for more mod tutorials

thanks for watching and i will catch you

next time take care