Modern Warfare® 2019 ALL 725 Customization and Attachments | Gunsmith MAX level

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hey what's up guys welcome back to the

channel we're gonna do the 72 v shotgun

this was requested so we'll do this

first I think we only have the shotguns

to do and the pistols as well actually

so the only the shotguns and the pistols

left now wow you know it feels like I've

done a lot but yeah I guess there's what

30 30 40 guns anyway doesn't matter

let's get on with it so firstly we've

got a muzzle

breacher device flash god

lightweight suppressor this looks pretty

cool alright look at that I was pretty

nice um what does that affect sound

suppression damage range a little bit

you've got the muzzle brake and you've

got the compensator you've got the

monolithic suppressor it actually

increases the range pretty cool um

you've got the choke narrows the spread

and then you've got the tactical

suppressor pretty simple stuff as usual

right this shorter shorter barrel and

you've got a sawed-off no way that's

really cool alright so this is the

barrel attachments all of them so this

three first one is tempis smoothbore the

two pros are aimed down site speed and

wider pellet spread and that con is the

damage range is reduced

next is the sort of barrel the three

pros are aim down sight speed movement

speed and wider pellet spread I might

run this actually this sounds quite nice

the range is reduced by a bit but yeah

and the cons are Rico control and damage

range and then finally we've got the

long 32 inch competition barrel with two

pros which are damage range and tighter

pellet spread and two cons

aim down sight speed and movement speed

which are both worse this is quite nice

actually I'm kind of torn I'd love to

run two actually two shotguns I'm

talking between this and this this one

gives you a bit more range that's one

this one for now all right you've got

the lasers

same old lasers one milliwatt I believe

it was called someone corrected me I

used to I was saying megawatt which

really does not make sense the 5 milli

watt laser and then the tech laser let's

put this one on for now and then see how

we get on

I don't put sights on I wouldn't put it

on this shotgun but to be honest the

range is quite good so you could get

away with with a sight but I just

personally prefer to keep it as it is

because it's pretty it's a pretty nice

iron sight I like it I enjoy it I enjoy

using the shotgun I love it

favourite shotgun I don't even use the

other one I know it's good but and this

one was only got two shots where the

other one has six five six shots

something like that but this breakaway

shotgun is oh I don't know something

else anyway I'm starting to blab on a

bit so let's go through all the sights

the optics so first is a mopey reflex

sight then we've got the ap x5

holographic sight then we've got the

crown an LP 9 4 5 mini reflex then we've

got the operator reflex sight then we

have the Scout combat optic and then we

have the cope combat holo sight then we

have the Viper reflex sight Cronin c4 8

0 Pro optic pbx holo 7 sight GI mini

reflex VLK 3 time optic sole 0 + VG

enhanced monocle reflex sight

Brownlee 32 millimetres scope

this looks quite nice and finally the

sofa zero objects mini reflex but to be

honest I kind of like the look like

these kind of scopes give this shotgun

but yeah I'll keep it without anything

for now just use it naked as is then

we've got the stock so we've got full

stock so we've got cronin ago precision

stuck with one pro being aiming

stability and one con which is slower

aim walking movement speed next up we've

got I really like the this the stock

stock stock stock the stock stock the

wooden one right next up we've got the

cronin pro light the pros our aim

walking movement speed and the con is

aiming stability let's see it looks nice

but I love the wooden look personally I

don't know maybe we can kind of hybrid

make it a hybrid Wow look at this one

sawed off right so sort of stock pros

movement speed and aim-down-sight speed

and then cons aiming stability and

recoil control i tried this stock was

not a huge fan maybe I just need to get

used to it

I was used to running it this shotgun

with the stock stock stock stock and

yeah this one I found was a bit too not

stable enough too much recoil

anyway and then we've got this which is

wooden and it's got a bit of an improved

some improvements on the original

stock so it's called tempo sport and

we've got one pro which is aim down

sight speed and the corn is aiming

stability I think I want to go for this

one but I like these it kind of looks

like a Frankenstein a little bit but I'm

gonna go for this for now and then we

see how we get on right perks you guys

know it already heavy hitter FFG fully

loaded more money sleight of hand

frangible wounding fast melee recon and

frangible disabling

nothing new there so moving on to the

it's called a guard right I have not

seen this before

there's none for assault rifles or SMG

so this is a guessing just for shotguns

so you've got the tempest slim grip God

so it's that the thing where you hold it

by I'm guessing so this has as its pros

it's got two pros it's called aiming

stability and aim walking steadiness is

improved and the con is aim walking

movement speed then you've got the

forged tax steady grip and the pros are

aim down sight speed and sprint to fire

speed but the aiming stability is

affected and then lastly you've got a

forged tag commander with the probing

Rico control and the con being aiming

stability I don't know you could

actually make it if you took off the

wooden stock you could make it a bit of

a Frankenstein and I like the look of

that I mean not Frankenstein but a bit

more modern modern looking how many do

we have we have two left slug rounds so

this is the ammunition you can change

you for slug rounds which is pretty cool

look away it does to your range my

goodness it affects your accuracy though

I think I'm gonna put these on to try it

I'm gonna try and run with it a couple

of rounds and see what what we get the

range is insane damn the range is insane

accuracies affected a little bit but we

can deal with that and then finally

we've got the under barrel which is for

your four grips so yeah we've got five

four grips starting with commando for

grip the pros are recoil stabilization

and aiming stability and the con is

movement speed you've got this for grip

which is the mark for grip the pros are

Rico control and aim-down-sight speed

but it affects your movement speed next

up you've got a tactical for grip so the

pro is aiming stability and the car

is it reduces your moving movement speed

range of foregrip pros to pros Rico

control and aiming stability and to cons

aim walking movement speed and

aim-down-sight speed and finally we've

got the operator for grip which has a 1

pro and one con the pro being Rico

control and the Khan being aim down

sight speed is slower so we're

definitely not picking this might run

something like this I'm also seeing many

disadvantages like movement speed I mean

you can deal with that control mmm I'll

take this one I'll take this one I think

I'm pretty happy with that we could

probably change the guard a little bit

but I'm happy with that

for keeping it trying to keep it as

stock as possible I like the wood grain

effect so yeah keep it as is this is my

bit for now and thank you so much for

watching the video if you found it

useful subscribe like you know the whole

spiel thanks for watching I'll see you

next one bye