Get the cheapest fuel price from anywhere in Australia.

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today in this video i will show you how

to get the cheapest fuel price in


and for that you will need to download a

few applications

and on your iphone or ipad go to app


and download 711 fill app

open the app and you need to either


if you don't have an account already or

just sign in

i have an account so i'll just sign in

and go to fuel price lock

and in here you need to choose your fuel


and then click on find my best local


what this app does is it will find the

best price within your area

and then gives you the cheapest price so

for now

it is saying 151.9 cents

but we are gonna do something else so

that we will get even more cheaper price

so let's not lock in this price yet

let's cancel this one

now in your laptop with

windows os what you need to do

is you need to download an application

so that you will change your iphone

location to the place where you get the

cheapest fuel price

so first let's download the application

and what you need to do is open up a

browser and type 3u tools

this is the link so open this 3u.com

in here there is a download button just

click on that

and your downloads restart save file

and once the download completes install

this application

and open

let's open that installation file

install this

and this is the best software for

windows to manage your iphone or ipad

that have found so far now let's launch

this application

and now you need to connect your iphone

or ipad

to your laptop

okay so after you connect your iphone

it will give you this option called

virtual location inside

toolbox just open that

and now you can change the location of

your iphone

after entering this longitude and

latitude values in here

and to find the best

price for the fuel

in 7-eleven public stores there is this

website called

fuel price total

open this webpage and then

and then go to 7-11 by clicking this


choose the view that you want

so i will go with only red 98.

and do not select i state just the

fuel type and click on filter

so now you will find the price for only

the 98 fuel

in all the 7-eleven fuel stores in


so from here you need to find the

cheapest price

for that what you can do is

click on control f on your keyboard to

open source bar

and type the number let's start with


and keep searching until you get one

you can see 109.9 cents but

this is from two months ago so that

means it is not

reliable so let's find another one

this is from four months ago so still it

is not that reliable again

okay so it was eight minutes ago so this


will work so we need to find this place

let's just copy this text and

paste it in google maps


open google maps and

we will find that place in google maps

so paste here and then

just click on this link and it will show

you the location

we need to find the longitude and

latitude value of this place

so it doesn't have to be exactly this

but anywhere near it

so let's click anywhere near this place

and it will show you the longitude and

latitude value

click on this link

and here you can see the decimal value

for the longitude and latitude of this


now let's go back to three utools again

now let's copy these two value one by

one and paste in

each of these place so the first one is


so let's paste it over there and then

the second one

is longitude

let's paste it over there and it will

show you the place

where the next location will be and

click on modify virtual location so what

this will do

is it will change your iphone's location

to that place

for this you might need to unlock your

screen so

yeah click retry

now it's done if you want to change your

location back to your original one

just click on restore true location or

just restart your


now the location has been changed to

this place now let's go back to our 711

fuel app now

back to the iphone and now let's open up

this 711 fuel app again

and let's take the price again

so now the price is 117.9 cents per


so now we can lock in this price

and it will work for a week and whenever

you go to

7-eleven fuel station you can show this

barcode which you can find in my car

and there you go thanks for watching the


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