How to Get the 6th Builder Full Guide! This is the Fastest Way to Unlock OTTO in Clash of Clans

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previously on town hall 11 free to play

we discussed reasons why you might not

max out your laboratory and should you

worry about it

today our battle machine is finished

which means we can finally obtain the

sixth builder

what's going on my friends my name is

joe and welcome back for episode 86 of

the town hall 11 free to play series but

today's episode

is not about town hall 11 no it's about


town hall levels that are trying to

obtain that pesky six builder

the sixth builder has got to be the

toughest grind i have ever done in this

game i am not joking about that so

without any additional delay let's go

ahead and

unlock the sticks builder i'm not

playing about this this is taking way

too long and i am far too excited but

before we do that

one thing i want you to see about this

base look at the base the base is rushed

you can obtain the six builder by

rushing we're gonna talk about that

later on in the video let's go ahead and

get into this uh auto hut right here

check this guy out

look at this all this work done for one

button to highlight

upgrade we're gonna go ahead and hit

upgrade and now we have obtained

auto hut level five which means that we

have obtained

the auto hut and here we go with a

little master builder thing

and done he says don't let the size fool

you he swings a hammer just like this

champ right here oh my goodness wow

that's intense

well then i'll pack some things you can

get in place ready for me to stay well i

got a place for you to stay there buddy

so once that happens we can go over to

the home village side

and we're gonna have to place the sixth

builder on the home village side

that looks like a good place for now we

might move that later on now we can jump

back over to

the builders hall side and i think we

have to select

travel so you see this little button

right here says travel oh yeah do you

want to send the master builder to home

village now uh yeah for now he's gonna

stay over there for a while

he might as well just get he might as

well just get cozy buddy and here he


he's going all the way over to his

little boat over there see the little

boat right there so cute oh my gosh

and now he's on the home village side so

now i have a builder available that i

can use to upgrade something

and that's it we're done okay bye

all right so let's go ahead and get down

to business on how long it took to

obtain the six builder and we're gonna

put together a comprehensive guide on

all the little tips and tricks that i

did in order to complete this task

now one thing that i need to mention

from the very beginning you need to have

some discipline when it comes to

obtaining the six builder

it is not an easy task and you have got

to stay on point on all the little

things that i tell you to upgrade

now remember that we are all playing

differently you might be at a different

level than i am you might be lower than

i am you might be up at town hall 13. it

all really depends on where you're at

now i am speaking and coming to you from

the perspective

as a free to play player if you are

buying gold passes naturally you're

getting magic items from those gold

passes that is going to speed up the

process for you

now when we take a look at our home

villages a lot of players out there will

discourage you from

rushing your base because it has a

little bit of adverse effects

for the clan in clan war and then it

also tends to burn players out a little

bit faster depending on how you play

so a lot of times a lot of players out

there like to go each town hall level at

a time

maxing out every single building on

their base before moving on to the next

town hall level

on the builders hall side i will highly

recommend that you

rush to builders hall 9 no matter where

you are in the game right now you need

to stop

everything that you're doing and start

rushing to builders hall

immediately because our builders hall 9

immediately because

once i got to builders hall 9 it took me

3 months to finish this

oh yeah three months now some of you out

there might feel like that's a really

long time but in the grand scheme of

things that's really not that long

compared to

upgrading to a builder's hall level and

then trying to max out

every single thing on that level and

then moving on to the next level you're

talking almost years at that point if

you try to do it like that

that's the hard way let's try to

simplify things a little bit so i went

ahead and built you this little visual

representation of the buildings that

matter when it comes to the builders

hall rush and the obtaining of the sick

builder now here's the thing about

rushing to builders hall 9.

you get more camp space which means more

troops which means more wins which means

more trophies

which means that you get more loot to

keep this thing going

and then also with rushing to builders

hall 9 you get

additional elixir collectors additional

gold mines which means that you get an

increase in your passive income so

realistically let's keep this very

simple for you

every single time that you upgrade to a

new builders hall level build

all the new buildings that are

associated with that level if they are


listed right here in this little group

right here place them off to the side

if you try to upgrade them all you're

doing is delaying the time

process and pushing everything to the

right in the timeline

so then you're going to finish building

those new items and then these buildings

over here on the left side are the ones

that you worry about upgrading to max

for that respective builders hall level

so we have the elixir collectors the

gold mines this increases your passive

income like i mentioned a moment ago

if you get to a new level you need to

make sure that you max out your gold


and your elixir storage is minus

builders hall 9

which i'll explain here in a second when

we talk about the mega tesla

so if you increase the level on these

them every time that you get yourself

a new rune of elixir or rune of gold

from let's say the clan games

then you get the maximum capacity and

the most out of those runes that way

you're not wasting your runes on

really low storage capacities and then

also you need to make sure that you max

out your star laboratory that way you

can focus

solely on the canon cart the canon cart

is the only one that matters

once you get that thing to level 10 then

you can use it all the time we'll talk

about armies in a minute

and then also with this you need to make

sure that you upgrade your clock tower

because the boost from the clock tower

helps speed up upgrades on your base and

it also helps generate

loot in those passive sources

next let's go ahead and jump into the

auto hut and i want to give you some

tips about these individual tasks now

the first task

is the gear up option this is the first

one that you should complete

but you cannot complete it until you are

a town hall 10 because

of the multi-mortar and so when we look

at the three buildings that we have to

gear up we have that double cannon

this can be completed as a town hall

seven by gearing up your or

upgrading your double cannon to level

four and then you can

gear up your level seven cannon on the

town hall side

the same thing applies to your archer

tower you have to have a level 6 archer


on the builder's hall side but a town

hall 8 and a level 10

archer tower on that side to gear up and

then moving into the multi mortar you

have to have it to level eight in order

to do the gear up option

on a town hall 10 and a level eight

mortar over there

but here's the downside about all three

of these buildings

each time you do the gear up option on

the home village

the master builder leaves the builders

hall side and goes over there for an

extended period of time

this could be bad if you're trying to

work on let's say your

mega tesla or something of that nature

so when it came to the multi mortar we


that it took 14 days in order to do the

gear up option so my tip for you is that

if you can get your hands on a book

of building make sure that you use a

book of building on that gear up option

that way you can get it done

and you do not have your master builder

over there for two weeks long that's way

too long to have him off of the builders

hall side the next challenge that you're

going to have to complete in the auto


is maxing out the canon card to level

18. so of course you're gonna need to

upgrade your barracks to level seven in

order to unlock the canon cart now in

order to

get the elixir to upgrade this you can

use mass

rage barbarians or something like that

until you get your canon card to level


once it's level 10 then you can start

using it with the boxer giants now

here's the deal guys

every ounce of elixir that you claim

needs to go towards your cannon cart and

that also includes your battle machine

don't worry about your battle machine

until your cannon card is maxed out

because the reason behind this

is the sooner you get that cannon cart

max to level 18

the stronger your army the more often

you win and you don't need to be wasting

your elixir in any other places and i

understand guys you're going to be

tempted so many times to

upgrade your barracks to unlock the

night witches or

unlock the super pekka but here's the

deal every single time you do that

you push your timeline to the right this

is where you have to remain

disciplined and upgrade the cannon cart

and as you can see this is what i have

these are the levels that i have i have

level 12 uh boxer giant and i have the

level 18

cannon cart and then i have like a level

11 rage barbarian so you'll see where we

had some confusion

in the beginning of this process but

once i got zoned in and stayed focused

on the cannon cart

everything played out just the way we

needed it to so here's my advice for you

focus on the cannon cart it will get you

the resources that you need

yes you might lose some raids but you

can always go back and you don't even

have to wait for an army to train


you can always go back out and win the

next raid and get the resources that are


now once you've completed these items

you should complete your gear up

option as well as the cannon carts

around the same time so that means that

you can shift your attention into these

next two buildings

so all gold will go into the mega tesla

and all elixir will go into the battle

machine now naturally you

only have one master builder so you're

gonna have to do one at a time

so you do the battle machine and then

you jump over and dump your gold into

the mega tesla

now here's the trick when it came to the

mega tesla that i wanted to talk about a

moment ago

when it came to the storages these two

storages these two gold storages you're

gonna notice are both

level eight there was a trick that i

used and some players disagreed with it

and some players were all for it

is that if you have to upgrade these

they cost elixir you're going to notice

that they cost 2.5 million

elixir that's elixir taken away from

your battle machine

and more time taken away from upgrading

the mega tesla

and the battle machine and dumping it

into these two resource collectors

instead once you get your mega tesla to

level eight

if you can obtain a hammer of building

you could swing a hammer without

upgrading those two buildings and max

out your mega tesla to level 9 and you

will be done with it

and then from then on out every ounce of

elixir goes towards the

battle machine that is no joke every

ounce of elixir needs to go to your

battle machine

the battle machine is the hardest hero

to ever

upgrade in this game i mean he honestly

makes the barbarian king the archer

queen grand warden royal champion look

like a joke in comparison when it comes


the collection of resources and keeping

him down non-stop

and that i mean a lot of players might

be tempted to get a little bit of elixir

and then you go over to your star

laboratory and upgrade something

every time you do that you push the

timeline to the right stay focused on

the battle machine and get it finished

now to finish off this video we're going

to go ahead and talk about the armies

that i used in the beginning i used

mass raised barbarians until i got my

cannon carts to level 10.

now once i got the cannon carts to level

10 you'll see that i did a few levels on

my boxer giants as well to try to help

compensate a little

bit but this is actually the army that i

used when i had my battle machine

if i had the battle machine i used two

camps worth

of the boxer giant and then four camps

worth of the cannon carts

as soon as i put the battle machine back

down for upgrade i will switch back into

a three and three three boxer giants

and three of the cannon carts and that

is pretty much it guys that's all the

information that i got for you as long

as you follow that little bit of a guide

you should be able to obtain the sixth

builder in a relatively short period of

time now here's the thing again it's all

based on

how often you play whether you buy the

gold pass or not

and what you stay focused on we all have

a different way on playing the game

if you have obtained the 6 builder drop

it down in the comments below and let us

know how long it took you to get the 6

builder but that's going to wrap us up

for today guys i will bring back the

question of the day tomorrow that was

such an important guide right there that

a lot of players

just don't understand how or where to

turn when it comes to getting the six


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