Path of Exile - How to unlock the 5 slot map device!

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hello sir Shaughnessy and welcome to

another one of my path of exile with

videos so in this one what we're gonna

do is try and obtain the v map slot in

our atlas so I personally didn't know

this was a thing watch a lot of a

content more endgame content guides

videos and I've got about 500 hours in

the game myself I didn't know you could

upgrade this and have another fifth slot

which allows you to then put more stuff

in there not grade your maps and so the

way we do that is you put four of these

Thomas pal emblems into the map device

activated gonad to beat four bosses but

actually done this before so this could

be a massive fail

I don't know how hard they are and and

to get these you need a hundred of each

of these splinters which you will

probably have found and a cruise them

during the game but until this is about

about 130 maybe chaos so it's quite an

investment to get this fifth slot and if

you are not clue that with the endgame

when you've got the fifth slot you can

put a map in that in with your Atlas but

with these little shards and stuff like

that and a lot of scabs and stuff and

they will increase the each one of these

gives you 5% quality on your maps for

example and so just means you can get a

bit more loop so about the overdue I'm

gonna jump into it and put these four in

here and we'll see how we get on

my character is a cyclone impale build

I've literally I could wipe on this I've

no idea

and I forward the funny that's out

feeling like my doing it don't know I'm

doing it first and here

what's in here not realize oh hey

they're so instantly just like claw

build a cyclone and see how this works

for a supportive as a boss

let's work out the quite a lot of lose

if I don't get the face rolled this is

the boss it's super easy where

my characters are not optimized at all


back to spine yeah

some folks at me or losses because I

don't know I would obviously you can set

a timer at the top don't want to risk

not getting all the boxes currency I've

clearly gone in there blind I've seen

some videos of guys doing this but

they've got such better gear than me

that it's so hard to tell if I've had a

chance in the first place of that make

sense not doing this with a currency

restaurant doing it purely to try get

out this slot on my luck


I feel like I'm gonna get quite a good

Luis loading out this I'm not gonna lie

that's mommy going up the video by kills

the fair like this in one of my four

minutes already

by this long string it's been effects

are so hard for this is a good game

they're so hardcore hot


comic okay this cars this we're wrong

never stop spinning with us bills

I could that all of the bosses that are

what I've heared to be bosses at least

one so I'm hoping that means I've

completed the actual main overarching



yes okay okay so that was extremely easy

this character isn't optimized at all

they put pride in a suspensive first

decent duel I've got this season and

this league sorry so yeah as you can see

I didn't have to spam marquees one set

and so I just had to invest in the

emblems of each of these currency Hill

those bosses mobile times how can lie I

probably could have optimized the loot I

was gonna get better I will put in the

comments how much money I've made yeah I

won't leave the video running and but

some of these bits I know that's

probably worth at least at the fact will

quickly do that while we were on the

street video lethal pride

by Thomas shoe and what does it say

uncle by the kirari under comb

I don't know michaei okay so that's

worth at least fifty house but

considering that I spent about 130 but

obviously the money energetic here was

to get that v maps like which you see

I've just achieved and so I will put in

the comments of the link how much money

this is all and and but again I probably

could have been more optimal in how I

was killing those monsters sir and but I

hope you found that useful really simple

we just got to go on to Pierre we trade

by for those shells if you don't have

their sorry those emblems put the minute

once there is a fourth fifth emblem I

don't know what that is but it was a

more expensive one so I just obstacle at

the for cheap ones the green ones about

100 and these are about as 12 for the

red ones 12 and these about eight or

nine each and then you can get your

fifth map slot so if you found that

useful please give my video a like and

and if there's anything else you'd like

to know about that officer that you can

tell them of winged this but I've done

it and please leave a comment thank you

for watching