Black ops 2 zombie map

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hey youtubers I wanted to tell you what

I figured out on call of duty zombies

here this is black ops 2 of course and

so earlier I got talking to some people

and we couldn't figure out why you can't

get to this land with your controller or

let me grab my controller all the way

back here sorry about that and so if you

watched right now I'm on the top 1 then

I go to that one then I go to that one

and there was no way to the bottom one

so one would assume people maybe thought

oh maybe that's nuke town because it was

highly rumored that nuke town was here

as a zombie map I have not had anything

to do with nuke town for zombie map I've

had this game since Wednesday the 7th

and there was no sign of it but what I

will tell you is the order of what this

is we're looking at it does make sense

once you know this is the transit hub

this is the first thing where you start

this is where your busses there's your

bus actually right there and so when

your bus pulls out it actually goes to

the right or it sorry to the left it's

going to go that way and the first stop

is actually going to be you down here if

you look this is the diner this is the

gas station and this is the little shed

that's got a bus party ok so now we've

got that then the road continues along

and it goes out to the farm that's where

you're turning on the power or so you're

not wordpower just like there's a farm

there and you can build and then

there's the next stop which is just the

building with the power and stuff which

I'm guessing is the outline of a

building up here and I don't know if you

can see some lines I really I don't know

for sure that that's what that is there

but then this one here is for sure this

is the bank section this is where you've

got the bank and the bars and

so there's the bridge if you actually

come out of the bus terminal instead of

jumping on the bus come out the door and

make a left you'll walk down the road

until you finally hit a bridge that you

can't like once you've crossed the

bridge you can't cross over a lava I'm

guessing maybe that's supposed to be it


obviously the Maps not as detailed as

you really is in the game and if you if

you haven't played transit you won't

know what the hell I'm talking about so

you'll have to to make sense if you'll

just have to play the game but once

again here's the bus stop here's where

you got in and you're going to follow it

down it's going to bring you to the

diner that's your first stop after the

first stop at the diner you're going to

stop at the farm once you're done at the

farm you're going to go to the power

place once you've turned the power on

which is remember it's hiding there you

can just barely see the outline of

everything then you're going to go to

the bank downtown and stuff I've managed

obviously I posted the video and

probably the first on all of YouTube on

how to turn the power on I got the

achievement for putting all my

components on the bus there's parts

hidden throughout all of these locations

and a little build at Stage four

building various weapons

I still haven't cracked the easter egg -

it says follow the voice not quite sure

what that is yet I'm still still working

on maybe I turn the TV up and listen a

little more maybe maybe I'll hear

something important for now what I've

been doing actually is just strolling

down the roads trying to find anything

hidden deserted there is stuff between

the towns so you just got a battle the

face those aliens that will hump

your face other than that if you figured

anything out that's not mentioned leave

a comment let's leave it right here

leave it for other people post a video

response if you want to grab your phone

and videotape your TV I'm not one of

those fancy people with a

your card and I'll allow your video

response I don't care if you have one or

if you're just recording it with the

potato as some people say as long as we

can see it I don't care and check out my

tank say hello to my fish hi guys

they're going to be going to bed soon

anyway that's it guys hope you enjoyed

hopefully that makes a little bit more

sense of the map for those of you that

have been struggling with it and for

those of you that don't actually have

the games it's not even out until next

week you'll say well okay now at least I

know what this was all about thanks for

watching guys