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hello there everybody welcome back to

another slave the spire video today is a

very special day because I won an

ascension zero ironclad war run whoa no

I'm just kidding is not that that we are

concerned about it is the fact that we

have unlocked this chick right here the

fourth official slay the spire character

is now in the beta branch for slay the

spire and I had never even stepped into

the beta branch before so I had to play

through a run as each of these guys and

then get a win in order to unlock the

watcher so I know nothing about her so

this is gonna be an experiment between

me you and the game really to figure out

what the hell's going out of here so I

do know this one thing already ironclad

80 HP silent 70 HP defect 75 HP watcher

65 HP so a blind ascetic who has come to

evaluate the spire master of the divine

stances her relic is pure water at the

start of each combat add a miracle to

your hand I don't know what that is so

this is going to be really interesting I

love the art she's super cool looking

she fits in perfectly with the theme of

the game here so that makes me pretty

happy let's go for the max HP just so we

can figure out her combat early we take

a look at the cards love the art

insanely good already so basic strikes

basic defense eruption so deal nine

damage and enter wrath in this stance

you deal and receive double attack

damage that's cool that's dangerous

though and enter calm so upon exiting

this stance game to energy so we will

get to energy when we leave calm

assuming to enter into wrath okay I mean

there's there's something there I think

that the upgrade on this card is going

to be vital these being too cautious

I mean it's rough really odd that that's

pretty rough early on

so there's also a ton of balance changes

done here oh and we get a miracle so we

retain it and it gains energy okay so

that's the shtick is they give us more

energy and we retain this so if we don't

need the energy don't do the energy is

kind of my reasoning here so we hold up

as at the start at each comment okay I

mean that makes way more sense so then

this will deal double damage then they

enter wrath though or is that on the

next wrath your attacks deal double

damage you take double death that did

not deal it didn't do double damage to

it immediately understood understood

okay just just kill them in okay I mean

there's something here it makes logical

sense to me at the current moment so

we're like super in wrath now so you can

stay in is not like a single time thing

you just stay in it so that we are gonna

have some beta art on the cards that's

okay I'll keep that in mind so enter

calm and end your turn see you know I

like this this better dude that's better

so smites are 10 damage cards but you

retain them upgraded smites are 13

damage cards I don't think that's that



this also seems kind of bad dude I don't

know what the hell the strategy is for

this character quite yet like is there

something to be said for always being in

a stance like I think that inner peace

is good ending your turn going into calm

and then being able to start your turn

with more energy that seems valuable but

then I have no friggin clue so upgrading

Rupp ssin I think that's definitely the

first upgrade you go for I mean the shop

is gonna have a ton of crap I don't even

know what the hell this is whenever you

play ten cards draw card okay

whenever a card is retained lower its

caused by one holy Lord

that could be so good with that one

thing we just had and this is also an

insanely good card okay I'm taking that

for sure so there's an end your turn

mechanic thing going on with this

character it's interesting that's

interesting there's always there's

always a couple of different so we are

gonna want to enter calm at the end of

this but let's collect just because I

kind of feel the need to not take a

buttload of damage here whenever this

card is retained increase it's blocked

by two yeah that's cool I like that when

you draw this card to add two miracles

to your hand now this is where things

get interesting when you draw it ah crap

okay so I didn't actually draw it

technically okay let's just block up

then we don't want to play this because

if we're not gonna there's no benefit

out of doing that but now we should get

to extra energy right now is when we

exit this dance interesting okay so now

we will exit the stance and we get to

extra energy that we can then smack this

guy's for a button and then go right

back into call see that's the beauty of

that card is the ability to go back into

calm real quick

you know whenever you switch stances

draw a card that's interesting and

smites to your hand we know about this

and that is

I mean that's that's how the cards when

cards are retained thing would be really

something special

with that okay you become some to to

cost twenty black card is very simple

cards really that just rely on a very

see you like this

now is the moves you're getting super

energy for the next level turns but it's

kind of a very basic it's a pretty basic

idea I think at least that's what I'm

thinking right now is if it all my god

he's hitting for so much because yeah I

mean it makes logical sense as to why

I'm sitting for so much it doesn't mean

that I'm not still a little bit

surprised Pikachu face on this one but


please enter calm and then smack smack

put up a little bit of block I mean it's

not really the best way of doing that

you should have definitely so definitely

chilled a little bit dude you got so

much friggin energy because that's

stupid a stupid thing from before

okay and your turn and we just need to

smack them once and it's good the double

damage thing that's the one that the

double damage towards it okay what the

hell is mantra what the crap is this

dude what the crap is this when you

obtain ten mantra entered the Divini

without the frig is divinity I mean you

know we have to figure out right I'd be

lying if I said I didn't want to enter

dive bang divinity in this video

show me the money on the enter divinity

thing okay so let's think about this can

I kill you dude I absolutely can kill

you in fact it was almost even easier I

don't even have to yeah I mean we're

gonna do it like this for sure

now we have the miracle we can get a

little bit of extra energy the double

damage makes the first floor so strange

man so strange

so I can get some mantra which B's the

crap out of me what that means but I'm

with it okay and then I don't want this

followed by this and then see you in

hell really this is pure on I have no

idea what I'm doing

mode I mean playing in defend doesn't

really matter I still have some mantra

is if it's like matcha I mean I'm doing

choice is good matcha okay so I'm in

divinity upon entering this dance game

triple damage a tax deal triple damage

exit this stance at the start of your

next turn all right I mean kind of sucks

to be honest with you but we now have I

don't know a buttload of energy for the

next six turns

okay so divinity there's there's some

interesting stuff there to say the least

we might die and that's okay alright

that's okay we'll start just a brand new

run if we do die

it appears we will be dying rest in

peace but we've learned a lot

okay we've learned a lot and that to me

is kind of all I really needed to do I

back in is the watcher okay let's go you

know what we're now in the camp of

enemies in your next three combats we

have a legitimate chance holy crap I

mean there's like no elites nearby but

we could go a long way with with all

Neos lament you so kaboom kaboom I mean

this is easy mode we got a look at these

those so three damage to all enemies

with an upgrade of five damage to all

enemies I don't think that's that great

at all steel 8 damage whenever this card

is retained increases the damage but to

now this is the kind of thing that I am

interested in it's so stupid

I'm with it brilliance gain energy for

each card retained that also is a very

very cool idea so that was this so it's

basically depending on what we're in we

get certain stuff I'm with that for sure

and dude I like brilliance a lot I think

that that's going to be really good with

the kind of

thing that we're doing here now clearly

we're not gonna know at all how the hell

this run works for a little while

scry what a great word scry look at the

top x cards of your draw pile you may

discard them dude is very good this is a

great card that this is genuinely a

great card holy crap is a great card

this is also a great card it's just a

free five damage card really but I love

this cut through fade I think that

that's gonna be an insanely good thing

for us so kill a strike buried basic

basic stuff here absolutely upgrade some

cards that hit eruption and that's good

enough for me

yeah is windmill strike man I think that

this card is you're like wind condition

of the run this is getting that guy to

just sit and accumulate which means

we're gonna need some blocks in the deck

as well I know I'm adding a lot of cards

and that is not a good thing brilliance

being freeze sick dude I'm gonna be

honest cut through fate though is a

really good card it's a really good card

cuz you set up your future hands and

start with windmill strike man just get

that in there but you set up your future

hands while also just kind of just

chilling so let's test this okay let's

test this 9 damage and then we can

discard these if we want absolutely

discard those 2 and we draw a card and

it gives us eruption which we can then

do here Oh baby is really good it's

really good I want to do this and then I

want to enter calm because I really

don't want to

pardon me didn't I play block or might

no I played brilliance right and then

this was retained I mean we can kill you

guys now this character is even more

brain break II okay there's another

another scry card so there's there's a

scribe deck or something that you can do

with this as well I'm in this is also

dumb with what we have causality draw

cards until your hand is full

okay that's weird for sure let let's

take let's take this and see if we can

make a retain back work that's

definitely what I'm seeing as a

possibility is a retained deck okay I

really don't want any of those to then

draw me a strike shirt kind of I think

it's a little bit of block when every

card is retained lower its cost by once

a windmill strike goes down to a one

fantastic eventually he will be a zero

cost and he got retained so his damage

went up three okay

now gain energy for each card retained

okay that was you be there then hold up

gain energy for each turn this card

Israel for each tear in this card is

retained on fact chant okay

and then we gain energy because of that

beautiful and then I mean you we just

chill man windmill strike is free 18

collide Team damage card what you love

to see let's we aren't even in a stance

right now so if we're not in a stance we

should always be in calm that's what I'm

learning so put me in calm and then we

did you okay

do I want energy on this turn yeah you

know what I do because I'd like to kill

this guy okay now we just chill it's a

21 damage card now but I mean I don't

I'm not - I'm not really tempted yet - I

mean sadly I can't play this so I'd

actually like discard it I'm not

interested in playing this card yet we

can sit for the next several hundred

hours okay now why are you glowing why

you going though the previous card

played was an attack so this is still

gonna work all dude is sick it's so good

this is a 48 damage card okay okay I'm


Ragnarok I love it dude what a great

card name six damage to an enemy random

enemies six times I mean that's a 36

damage card and could be more in Wrath

in fact it could be in a hundred and

forty four damage card okay I mean look

I'm a simple man I'm a simple man let's

let's see about that but let's let's see

about that now we are I mean we're

feeling the heat right now 12 HP not

gonna lie not a great place to be in

especially now you're looking at this

going hey stupid

do not die and you know what I

understand you completely this does

nothing okay

and I just wanted to test that and make

sure I mean usually slay the spire is

pretty pretty straightforward when it

comes to these kinds of things but did

want to make sure that we were as good

as possible I need a defend thank you we

don't dine things get retain okay and

we're gaining energy right

no I gain energy whenever I actually

want it okay that cards still really

good I'm with it

enter calm and that's totally fine

there's no issues with entering calm at

all this is where we probably want to go

all in though right I mean we can weaken

him yeah I mean I think that we can we

can do some stuff here so itch you

brilliants ragnaroks follow up

and I mean we should have done the slime

but it's now two guys with two damaged

boom-boom okay and that works pretty


crescendo enter rat do that's like

really good

this is really dude this is really good

there's too many good cards get gimme

halt and I am going to rest because I

mean I'm a little baby I'm just gonna

say it as it is but let let's see what

we can do here so this is a sake ass

turn really okay boom boom boom and then

just chill

when mill strike is getting retain

whenever recog beautiful

so eruption will actually kill us if

we're in it so you're not gonna want to

do that he's about to smack us for a lot

35 you'd like to not have that happens

please be weakened okay so we're not

gonna die here is gonna hurt though I

mean that's that's uh absolutely is

gonna hurt


okay we want to do this beautiful and

you might be like Tyler why is this

beautiful well first of all we're taking

less damage but second of all we're

gonna draw a follow-up now so we can do

something like boom boom get the energy

back now this is a twenty-one damage car

we want to wait because we want to enter

wrath we basically want to enter rad

when we have Ragnarok and windmill

strike in rat so like now more or less

and he's not gonna split and we'll just

split him on the next turn if so but we

should be able to so we can do like boom

boom uh yeah I mean this is dumb already

brilliance is such a brilliant card belt

uh and you will die okay it works it

works scry your draw pile

don't use cry as a verb scry your draw


whenever you play a card upgrade it for

the rest of combat I mean that's like

stupidly strong for sure I think all

dude why wouldn't you go fusion hammer

though you got Nirvana smells like teen

spirit okay let's do it

this is going fine funky character I I'm

not going to get used to this guy girl

for a while but um I'm with it for right

now okay we don't need Ragnarok in the

slightest in fact we don't need any of

these but we definitely don't need a

defend on the next turn so draw the

defend now so that you're not drawing

something that you actually want on the

next turn such as like this is a really

good time to go and

this mode hit you and then I mean more

or less we can maybe kill you on the

next turn so follow up we can't we kill

you so what even hat a week this is yeah

but so it's not going to do the upgrade

on it yet is what you're telling me

so you're vulnerable and then because of

that you're dead a lot of things to

think about okay a lot of things to

think about so Pat to victory

Pat to victory Plaza Ragnarok there's

something there but the ill nine damage

is previous card played was a skill

apply a vulnerable I actually like that

because we can force that to work it

this this deck I'm gonna tell you right

now this characters main things is

retaining it's the order in which you

play your cards and that I mean that's

where things so now you're vulnerable

then you scry and then do you want any

of these follow-up would be totally fine

here okay and then just chill I think

but the order what you play your cards

there's a lot of things that you know if

you play this after a skill if you do

this okay nirvana

Yatta Yatta Yatta it's a really

interesting mechanic something that once

again they just haven't done in the game

and that's what it blows my mind that

they keep on coming up with characters

with brand new mechanics like this kind

of reminds me of the one mod I believe

it's the I mean I don't even believe I

know it is but it's the one character

that is based around the boss on the

first floor I'm God what the hell is the

dude's name the Guardian The Guardian

mod it's a lot like that because you got

the two different stances you can kind

of go into and I get into if we can get

into yeah we can get into eruption on

this turn he's probably dead

so boom and now gain energy and that's a

50 damage card okay I'm with it an

insight draw two cards okay

not too bad gain a black if the previous

card played was a skill draw a card I

mean there's so many of these kind of

cards but I think that we're gonna

probably chill for a little bit with

this deck is an eighteen card deck

that's pretty good in my opinion

give me the max HP Anna I don't really

care about that

so Nirvana was a power can i play a

skill no I'm not gonna be able to let's

at least get follow up to work then and

I mean Ragnarok you got no reason why

would you hit the mystic man like close

to zero reason why you would ever do

that okay play that I mean we're taking

hits on this turn I think I'll pop this

just to get a tiny bit more block going

but then those cards are gonna be

upgraded the next time around now at

what you played the wrong card names I

thought that was something else okay so

you get weakened give me a scry I mean

we don't want to defend to begin with so

give me something random its eruption

and it kind of sucks to be honest with

you but that's okay I should have played

a halt to upgrade it too many things to

think about yet again too many things

okay so strike follow up gives me my

energy back the 21 damage card this is a

25 damage card we can weaken this guy

some more I think that there's a lot of

value to weaken again

is Ragnarok and exhaust it's not dude

crap I should actually be playing man

more for some reason I thought that was

an exhaust so the previous card played

was the skills and now you're vulnerable

I like that they give you the little

notification it's honestly very very

kind of them because there's no way in

hell I would ever remember what the last

card that I played actually was it's

like this is a time where you got to

imagine that popping Ragnarok is not the

end of the world just do a lot of damage

to both of them and then at that point

just just end that guy you're weakened

and then the rest of this fight is easy

but if I have the opportunity okay

you're vulnerable scry okay you get a

little follow-up action get smacked

and then because of that you're dead

okay good stuff gain and intangible and

end your turn at the start of your next

turn deal 15 damage that's an

interesting card but I don't think it's

that good I mean it's good but I don't

think it's that good give me a give me a

way to enter wrath without spending a

lot of energy that seems like a really

good thing so Nirvana is almost they

must play all the time now we can think

about this

do we do that then do that and then I

want to play the miracle gain the energy

the last what I mean this actually works

out fine oh we're gonna die it doesn't

work out that fine to be honest with you

so we're in calm right so we can you

he's doing eight damage okay let's cry


block block keep in mind it's all

getting upgraded as we go so we could

enter wrath and Ragnarok but he will

kill us if I do it

so I mean strictly speaking seems like a

terrible idea but we're also in a

position where we're kind of screwed

right there's a we could like it depends

on if I think I can kill this son of a

gun on this turn which I think there's

no way in hell right but I don't have a

choice because I'm gonna die anyway so

you might as well so enter wrath now

gain some block the last card was the

skill so you're vulnerable dude we

totally have him boom oh yeah what was

that thinking we totally had him okay

let's cry

greatest word human history give me a

rest because I can't Smith it's fair

enough and then what are we got in here

so I mean toxic egg obviously some

interesting stuff I do think that we

probably want to do a card removal

gaining artifact is so friggin good

though we could do both for sure there's

a weird upgrade thing going on in this

deck as well but so is there a skill

that we would want to start with I'm

looking at skills that we have our

brilliance is absolutely one that we

would love to start with I there's

something there with doing this there

may be a waste to be honest with you and

I might be over rating that card a

little bit but we're gonna see okay

we're gonna see so enter ramp boom you

got no reason not to enter wrath to be

honest with you and then we want to



kind of a sucky sucky situations here

but we'll smack oh my god dude wait a


so does that stay I'm about to chance

gonna hate me

that stays doesn't it so now okay first

of all 45 dude is gonna hurt


I'm alive

so does that card now have permanence

you know what I'm trying to say so enter

calmer rat that's a great potion man

it's very good if the enemy is 30 or

less HP set their HP to zero what a

weird card that would be so strong early

on man we cannot afford to do crap with

them I'm probably dead yet again but

that's okay it transformed two of these

did I got another friggin windmill

strike oh my god

when you draw this car to add two

miracles to your hand and then exhausted

that's also pretty good we're in a real

weird spot really so like what the hell

man there's too many decisions to make

so enter wrap and then halt the raft hit

you for 24 and then enter calm but the

question is does that card end up having

an upgrade that's what I'm trying to

figure out because if it does that's

sick and then you get hit for 50 by the

way I'm trying to figure out if when

retained it continues to be upgrade

after you play it does I hope that that

makes sense what I'm saying you may be

like Tyler I friggin get it like move on


all right it's more just it's still

blowing my mind a little bit do I have a

skill I do so let's do this get you

vulnerable and then because of that

you're dead okay I think if we played

that in a different order we were dead

so it's fine I don't need any of those I

mean we're dead to the boss if we make

it there it's just I don't think I'm

gonna make it there to begin with


boy I really wanted uh well I could

still get it yeah I've been though I

really wanted to have us receive these

brilliant you know what that's fine play

this as well I mean I'm gonna put that

in my hand knowing full well we can't do

crap with it yet

we're probably dead on this turn unless

a miracle breaks out I mean we have all

the means to do some stuff here except

we also like don't


so I mean Ragnarok could end up being a

50/50 banger you got to go all-in right

so hit you

it's Ragnarok I should have made him

vulnerable because now we're definitely

dead but there was there was something

there there was something there okay we

at least got some news to enter divinity

die next turn okay sure

a bunch of stuff about mantra so that

that's definitely another it's

definitely another path that you go

we're gonna get know we got the

unlocks the first time around okay

such a weird character I'm we're gonna

continue to play it more I'm really

really enjoying her we're gonna hop back

in in another episode I'll probably do

another one tomorrow I don't know yet

but stay tuned basically because

whirring boys and girls I'll see you


new character hi new character hi I'll

catch you guys later you'll go good one