Destiny 2 - Fastest Guide To Unlock / Upgrade All New Supers Subclass Tree Perks! (FORSAKEN DLC)

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what is going on guys welcome back to

the channel and I pose she yet you've

been here today I bring you my first

this and the two forsaken guide and it

is in my opinion the fastest way in

obtaining your first new super don't

matter class don't matter the super this

is my opinion is definitely the fastest

man you will get he and live way up for


to actually fully unlucky it can take a

while with this guide you will have it

done in no time but before we get into

the video guys I haven't it's Palouse it

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look everyone okay so to even start you

have to first complete the very first

mission yes the one cake does which

you've done this you then need to go and

see I call up within the tower she will

start you on your milestone to get your

first new super seek visions keep an eye

out for visions of light as you complete

adventures lost sectors strokes and

crucible matches or when you defeat

powerful enemies well the best place to

get this done in about 15 minutes is

that the start of the Leviathan raid so

simply load up the normal version if you

can include three snipers do that and

just take out these enemies at the start

and collect what you need simple as that

was collected log back into the read and

reads new piece until you've got what

you need

it really is that easy for sure people

once that's complete your next step is

to follow your visions to I of Ohio

there will be a mission you can't miss

called visions of a light pretty

straightforward actually quite for these

stars with you having to defeat taken

and then you have to protect these

unusual trees the mission then lead you

into our last sector and you pretty much

do the same thing

game you'll eventually what I'm at ya

know it seems to be a little glitchy if

this season what they intended is

definitely bugged basically it tells you

to go here but there's nothing here and

nothing happens simply just run at the

area and hopefully the next step will

pop up on your screen you should be

rewarded a seed of light now this cannot

be applied to any of your subclass

supers so use it and the one you want to

first upgrade and start using you will

within this mission then get basically

unlimited supers and you can cause all

kinds of havoc but it doesn't end there

guys well as the mission ends you then

have to continue using the new super and

the suppressed abilities to further

upgrade and unlovely other perks under

new skill tree you have selected to

upgrade so you even need a place where

laws of enemy spawn and you can

basically get unlimited supers

now the old trick here you can still use

search planet where public events are

there but yet to start so you can

basically run the flags and get them

abilities charged with your super then

find their last sector or a group of

enemies and kill everything using your

grenades whatever else you have and your

super you can see previous repeatly step

with every public event and any planet

you want or the very best place to do

this is unmask rather the flags there

and stir up the escalation protocols let

them floor build up and use your grenade

or grenades depending on what class you

have and so forth then use your super

and just take [ __ ] at is a simple of

these guys the only problem is with Mars

sometimes the public events and the

escalation protocols can be like filled

with other people so yeah it can be a

little bit of a pain yes to get it done

here but for me I've got no straight

away so hopefully you will too so

there's simply these to repeat this

process I have a public events on other

planets or public events on Mars with

the exploration protocol and you should

get these unlocked a relatively quick

much faster than any other means I've

found in the game for sure people so

really hope this helps you had what

super did you choose to first unlock and

use let me know down below people and I

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